Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hangouts Class Summary 7-28-2016

Tomorrow is the last day to get your free upgrade-Reserve Windows 10 without using it. To be sure you have activated your new OS, Win+I > Update & Security > Activation

Verizon new Yahoo owner. $4.83 billion [US Dollar] in cash.

Disposable eMail – Good Defense Against eMail Abuse. And it is from Google. Create your own by just making one No registering needed. Just give sites that address and their spam will not get sent to your primary email. You can go to and see the mail that ends up in that mail box at anytime. Others could be using the same address, so you might see more than what you expect if you use a generic name. Perhaps yourname12345 might be better than just your name.

Windows 10 future = $7 per month! Only for business customers for now. I wonder when they will start to charge home users. Hope never or we may be looking at a version of Linux which is free.

When Windows 10 installs, IE does not show because they want us to use Edge. And they do not move your IE favorites to Edge. You can search for IE and add it the taskbar and you can open Edge and import your favorites to it. Your favorites were not lost.

Favorites is what they are called in IE. Chrome calls them Bookmarks. To turn on the Bookmark Bar (shows under the address bar), Ctrl+Shift+B. This will toggle it on and off.

When you are running Glary Utilities on your system, the default settings will cause a popup to the right of the taskbar when programs you have installed need updates. It is OK to click the popup and do the installs. Jesu be careful that you do not let the installs add additional programs to your PC. You can turn the notification off by opening Glary > Overview tab > uncheck the bottom box (Check for software updates automatically).

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