Friday, August 5, 2016

Hangouts Summary 8-4-2016

One of our members was asking about convertible laptops to replace an old iPad. There are many to choose from and we found a nice one from Acer. It is a Chromebook for $259. It has 2 full size USB ports (1 USB 2 and 1 USB 3) and a full size HDMI port. 32gb of SS memory and 2gb of RAM. I am seriously thinking of upgrading to this one...

Ever not remember a password that is saved on your PC? I know I have. I need it for another device and there it is shown as all asterisks! There is a way. Add the extension Show Passwords on Focus to your Chrome Browser. Then when you hover your mouse over the hidden password the characters appear for you to copy down to paper and use elsewhere.

How To Find Help Link On Facebook. Scroll to the bottom of the page and on the left side locate the More dropdown box. Click and see a link for Help. You can also goto

Add favorite programs to the top of Windows 10's Start Menu in the new Anniversary Edition soon to show up on your PC.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Everything you need to know

Quickly Check Hard Drive Health.

RightClick Start and choose Command Prompt (Admin)

On the DOS screen after system32> type:


Add ‘Copy To’ & ‘Move To’ to Windows Right-Click Menu. This we did not talk ahout. It adds additional options to your right-click menus to make it easier to Copy and Move files and folders.

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