Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hangouts Summary 8-25-2016

Word non breaking space. When you have a series of words you do not want to have separated on two lines use a non breaking space between the words. Like with Mark 16:15-18. I do not want Mark on one line and the 16:15-18 on the next. If it does not fit on the line all together I want all to drop to the next line. In other words I want it to be treated as one word. Do do this we use Shift+Ctrl+Space after Mark instead of Space. This creates what appears and prints as a space, but is actually a valid ASCii character.

Here is a Free spreadsheet that allow you to update Excel files. Gnumeric cannot be installed for Windows, but the portable app works great. This program plus Abiword are great to replace Word and Excel at no cost and little memory use. Find it at

We have discussed it before, but another good free word processing program is Abiword. Will open and edit MS Word files and has menu system similar to Word 2003. Find it at

The latest update for Windows 10 is coming as a “normal” update. It takes a while to install (2 hours for me) and you might want to do a Macrum Reflect image backup before it gets to your PC, just in case. It is build 1607. You can check to see what bulid you currently have. If it is 1511, your update will be coming soon. If it is 1607, then you already have it.

To check, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and tap the R key. This brings up the Run dialog box. Replace what is there, if anything, with WINVER and tap the Enter (or Return) key on your keyboard. Another window appears showing the version of Windows you have installed.

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