Friday, September 30, 2016

Class Summary 9-29-2016 Is what I use to test my Internet speeds. You should be getting what you pay for. Here is a test of my home system:

Ping is how long it takes for a signal to leave my computer, go to the server, and return. Download is the speed I am downloading at in million bits per second. Upload is the speed at which I am sending up to the server. I am paying for 15 Mbps so this reading is pretty good. If you are getting much less than you are paying for, complain.

Insert hyperlink into a Facebook post by including the full URL in the post. Th, is works in a browser: That is because the browser fills in the first part for you. To use it in a post on Facebook include the rest of the address:

When you are running Glary Utilities on your system, the default settings will cause a popup to the right of the taskbar when programs you have installed need updates. It is OK to click the popup and do the installs. Just be careful that you do not let the installs add additional programs to your PC. You can turn the notification off by opening Glary > Overview tab > uncheck the bottom box (Check for software updates automatically).

Maintenance software we suggest includes Ccleaner, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, and Glary Utilities. However the fact that you have them on your computer does not do anything for you. You also have to run each on a regular basis, like once a week or more often, to get any benefit from them. AND you must update the software it the associated data base as well or you will be missing on checking for all the latest potential issues.

Backup to external drive using a program that will create an image of your total hard drive. Acronis (pay), EaseUS (free), and Reflect (free) are some of the ones used by club members. There are classes a couple of times a month at the club on how to use Reflect. You will need an external hard drive. A Portable 1gb or larger drive will work fine.

How to find Reflect backup: there are links right on the club site at cccgc.inf

Do I use lastpass? No I use locknote.ext and keep a simple notepad program called Locknote to keep a password protected note. I use it for my passwords so they are all in one place and protected instead of being in a Word file called passwords! Here is a link to download that program:

Center click on mouse = new tab. Most of the time we use the left mouse button to take a link from a page in the browser. This typically opens the link on top of the current page. Use the center button (scroll wheel) instead and the link will open in a new tab. Right click and there are a number of different options to take. is a browser said to be better than Google.

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