Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Class Summary 9-8-2016

Sorry this took a while to get to. Been busy since I got back to Port Charlotte. We had a good group in class and a group online using Google Hangouts. A little communications issue with the Hangout connection. Hope to have that worked out for this week.

We talked about using MS Word to merge a list of names and addresses with a document using the MailMerge feature. This is a nice way to personalize a letter being sent to a group of people. They all get the same letter but with their name in the letter. This is what those advertisements you get with your name printed right in the ad are using.

We talked about cloud storage. Amazon gives you unlimited storage for pictures and a limited storage for documents with a Prime account. Without Prime you just have document storage with your free account. Google, on the other hand, gives you 15gb of storage for anything with your free account. And you get unlimited image storage with aps to automatically upload photos taken with your smartphone. And a desktop app for your PC that uploads any pictures stored on your hard drive. We also looked at OneDrive which comes with Windows 10. Whatever you save in your OneDrive folder on your PC automatically saves in the cloud in your Microsoft account. New accounts limited to 5gb. You can purchase more storage with any of these clouds.

Talked about extensions in Google Chrome and specifically how to get thee adblocker exterinoit to limit the number of ads appearing on website.

In the address bar in chrome, type “chrome://extensions/” and hit the Enter key.

Scroll the bottom and click Get more extensions

Type adblock and hit Enter


Then we tested out the new extension by opening A number of ads were blocked. We talked about running this speed test when you internet seems to be slow. Make sure you are getting the speed you are paying for. If you speed is good and you are still running slowly, perhaps it is time to run those maintenance programs to clean you PC.

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