Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hangout Summary 10-20-2016

The hangout this week was short. I did not have too much to offer and the questions were pretty light. I was on my cell phone the internet connection is spotty and eats up my data pretty quickly. Here are the things we talked a little about. Another hangout next week so get your questions ready…

Cumulative Windows 10 Update installation issues

Some members have been having issues installing the updates from Microsoft after the 1607 update. I am one of those that has a problem. I left if running all day while was out and nothing seemed to be happening. Update 100% done screen. I powered down and restarted. Gave me the same 100% screen, then it finally went to a black screen with a cursor and stayed that way for a long time finally getting me to the login screen. Has been fine ever since. So I guess the magic word is patience.

Comcast new Terabyte Plan

Our cable company has finally done it. They have put a cap on our data usage limiting us to 1tb of bandwidth per month. Go over that in a month and there is a big penalty to pay. They sent me an email telling me what my monthly average has been over the past 3 months. They did say they 99% of users fall ways beneath that 1tb ceiling, so few should have a real concern. So just like the data cap on your cell phone, you will now have on on your cable.

Snipaste Screen Capture Utility

This is another screen capture utility. I have not used it, but there seems to be some nice features. Someone try it out and report back on it, please.

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