Friday, November 18, 2016

Class Summary 11-17-2016

Giving a computer to your grandchild
You want to give your old computer to your grandson, but you do not want him to have all your stuff. Easy to do without having to strip and reload the hard drive. In short you want to create a new user in his name and as an administrator. Then you want to restart and login as him. Then remove you as a user telling it to remove all your data as well.

Right click the start button > select Control Panel > choose User Accounts
Choose Manage another account > Add a new user in PC settings
Add someone else... > click I don't have... > click Add a user without...
Create a username and password for them
On the Settings screen click Change account type
Pull down the arrow and select Administrator, then OK

Now Sign out (Right click start > Shut down or sign out > sign out
Sign back in as the new user
Right click the start button > select Control Panel > choose User Accounts
Choose Manage another account > Manage another account

Delete this account > Delete files > Delete Account

Now your account and file have been removed from the PC. You grandson is all set to use it. All your programs are still available to him. Just your settings and documents are gone.

Locknote is a simple .exe you can download and use to safely store information. The first time you run it and exit out it asks you to create a password. Do not forget it because this is the only way into the file. Like Windows’s Notepad, Locknote is a text only simple note taking program. I use it to store my usernames and passwords. I store it in my OneDrive so I can access it from any Windows PC by simply opening my OneDrive in the cloud.
Download it at

Safehouse is a program to install on your PC that allows you to create secure vaults to store files or folders. You can have as many vaults as you wish and each one is protected with a password of your choosing. SafeHouse Explorer creates secure, strongly encrypted volumes that can secure huge amounts of data on your main system, portable devices, and even USB drives and other storage media yet remain hidden until accessed with a password. It's portable freeware that can run without being installed, even from a USB drive or the Internet, giving you access to your protected files anywhere, including public computers. It may also be the easiest tool of its type we've tried.
Download it at

Enable F8 safe mode
Right-click on start and choose Command Prompt (Admin), Then type the following.
bcdedit /set bootmenupolicy legacy (standard to remove it)
Now when you reboot, you can press F8 to get the old screen back with boot options

Remove need for password on startup
Win+R > netplwiz
Uncheck the box and Apply. You will have to type your password twice to finish.

Double File Scanner is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows operating systems that scans selected directories for duplicate files. We downloaded and tried this one in class. It is very quick to run and finds duplicate even if their names differ. Once you find the duplicates you decide which to delete--it does not do it for you. Glary has a duplicate file finder, but it did not find all the files this one found.

A ram disk can be quite useful for certain tasks as it simulates hard drive storage during sessions but is significantly faster than hard drive storage. This makes it ideal for applications that benefit from faster loading and saving processes. A ram disk stores data temporarily by default, which means it can also be used to store temporary files.

How To Enable Delete Confirmation Dialog In Windows 10/8.

Right click on the recycle bin and select Properties. Check the box Display delete…

Now when you go to delete a file or folder, a confirmation screen says “Are you sure?”

How to download YouTube videos:
There's a simple trick, just add the letters dl to the url of the video on youtube and press enter to get sent to the downloader’s page where you choose the quality of video you wish or mp3 for audio. The dl must go after the www. Here are a couple of other ways... MP4 Video MP3 Audio only

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