Thursday, April 6, 2017

Class Notes 4-6-2017

Piglet lets you know what is eating up your memory on your PC slowing you down

Amazon Giveaways really does get you things for nothing… well nothing more than giving up your email address to them and/or taking a survey.

Free Websites that are easy to build on your own. Add a domain name and you have all you need to be on the web. Even without your own domain name you will be on the web with a subdomain name from -- instead of

We talked about the easiest way to create a slideshow using Microsoft’s PhotoStory3. All you need is a group of picture and in minutes you can have an animated slide show to send to others. You can add captions, narrations, and background music all easy to do.

The original version of Windows 10 was build 1511. The Anniversary edition came out last August and it was build 1607. Yesterday MS came out with build 1703. You should see it coming down over the next few weeks. MOre on what is different as we test it out. To see what version you have, on the keyboard press Windows+R. In the box enter WINVER and press the Enter key. A a window will display telling you about the version you have installed.

The above is in Google Chrome, Advanced Settings...

Here is one I learned today. In your browser’s advanced settings you can tell it DO NOT TRACK and when you search for something in your browser it will not tell the world you did so. In others words, you will not start getting ads for what you just looked for on Facebook and other places.

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