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Class Summary 4-13-2017

Show Passwords when they are hidden. Useful when you go to sign in to another computer or your cell phone and you do not have that list available. It is an extension you can add to Chrome or the other browsers. In Chrome, click the menu button, then settings, then extensions. Scroll to the bottom and add more extensions. Search for “show passwords” and select one.

Windows 10 build 1703 is on its way. You can download a copy and install it directly, but it will come down all by itself in time. You will not see too many differences from 1607, but one we notice is the absence of Control Panel from the Wind+X menu (or right-click on the Start button). Instead just search for Control Panel and pin it to the Start menu. If you want to know which build you are running, Win+R > type WINVER > press Enter. A window will display with the details.

Slow Computer?

If it just when you are browsing the net, don’t blame the Internet service provider, yet. Know what speed you are paying for and then run to see what you actually are getting. If there is a big difference between what you are paying for a getting, give them a call. But first, unplug your modem, let it stay off for a minute or two, then plug it back in and check the speed again.

If it is not the Internet connection, often the slow running is because of too many processes running in the background. Right-click the taskbar and open Task Manager to see the performance. It will show you what percentage of your CPU is in use and how much RAM is used. 100% is not good and indicates that stuff has to be cleaned up.

Restart in safe mode and see if you get your speed back. Safe mode only starts the processes necessary to do Windows. You can run all the maintenance programs in safe mode and they will run faster. This cleanup may be all you need.

If the slow running just started, it may be due to something you recently installed. Restore to a previous date and see if that fixes things.

No? Then you may want to consider backing up and then reinstalling Windows. A clean install will get you back to the original configuration without all the extras you may have installed over time. When that works, get your data back from the backup you made and install the extra programs you need.

Cell phones have temporary files taking up space just like our computers. But they cause problems more often than on our computers. You may have run into memory issues when trying to install or even update apps. If you have an Android phone, I suggest installing the CCleaner App. Works like the one we use on our computers and cleans out unneeded files freeing up space. The iOS (iPhone) does not have CCleaner in its App Store. The app I use is called Battery Doctor. It is free and does a good job cleaning up space.

Ninite is a great way to install programs and not have to worry about missing an option in the install process that results in unwanted installations or browser toolbars. I have covered this in previous summaries. See for a summary of ninite and some good into on the maintenance programs as well.

Microsoft Word will create an automatic Table of Contents. We gave an example of one during class. Simply stated you format your chapter titles as headings. Insert page numbers in the document. Open a blank page where you want the TOC to be placed. In the reference tab click on Table of Contents to see it automatically created on your blank page.

Adblock is an extension that blocks ads that appear on web pages. You know the ones; annoying and sometimes confusing. On the computer I am using right now, a Chromebook, it has blocked over nine thousand ads. You will be very glad you added this one.

Walmart Saving Catcher is an app for your cell phone or you can access it on your computer. When you purchase something from Walmart, scan the code at the bottom of the receipt (or enter the code on your computer) and all the nearby stores are checked to see if they offer any of the items you purchased at a lower price. If so, you are credited with the difference! You get it in the form of a Walmart gift card when you choose to take it.

Join the revolution and liberate yourself from overpriced, under-featured satellite and cable DVRs. With a Plex Pass, now you can record free digital broadcast channels and watch your favorite HD TV shows, movies, news, and sports on any device, anywhere in the world.

Wikibuy offers items they say at lower prices than Amazon

Using the Windows built in image backup instead of Reflect or EaseUS. The main difference I see is that you cannot retrieve individual files or folders with the Windows utility and you can with either of the other two.

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