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Class Notes 12-28-2017

Google photos

There are a number of ways to get your photos up to Google’s FREE photo cloud storage. You do not have to install anything on your PC to do it. Just open and whether your images are on a flash drive from your camera or on in your Pictures folder on your PC you can upload them.

In the upper right, click UPLOAD and locate the images you want to upload to the cloud.

When the upload finishes a window will upen saying X items uploaded. At the bottom of that window, click ADD TO ALBUM.

At the next window, click New Album

Type the name to call the Album, replacing Untitled.

If you are taking pictures on your smartphone, install the Google Photos App. Then every picture you take will be automatically uploaded to your cloud.

We spent time in other areas of Photos as well such as animation and editing right in Google Photos. You can also install a program for Google Photos on your PC and it will automatically upload any pictures on your PC to the cloud including those you transfer from your camera SD card or copy from your cell phone, assuming you are not using the Mobile App to do it.

How to get music from a CD/DVD into a MP3 format to put on a cell phone or MP3 player. I use the Windows Media Player and let it rip the music files and convert them into MP3. Then I can open the folder on my C drive and copy them to whatever device I choose.

On the bottom left of your taskbar, in the search box, type WMP.

Right click to put the shortcut on your Start menu or on your taskbar.

Open Windows Media Player

Go to Organize > Options > Rip Music

Make the Format MP3

Check both the Rip and Eject boxes

Click Apply

When you put a CD in the drive, WMP will automatically rip the songs of it and format then as MP3. When finished the CD will eject and your songs will be in the folder you have listed under Rip music to this location on the Options window (see above).

Many in attendance were unaware of the Tinyurl site. Often we have to send someone a link to a website we have found. We know we can grab the URL to that page in the Address bar and copy it to the clipboard. Then we can paste it into an email or even a FB message to them. However, the address may be many lines long and a tough item to type for them. Instead we turn that long URL into a manageable one using Tinyurl. Then we send th shortened link to our friend. I is easy to type the tiny version. This is what makes opening the Hangout link for our weekly

If you want your own email address instead of one from your internet provider or a generic one from Gmail or Yahoo or Live, you need to own a domain name at a host site. A host site provides a place for a website to live. A domain name takes someone to that host site opening the web pages for that domain. For example is hosted by a hosting company I use. I pay for the domain name on an annual basis. I pay for them to host or store my web pages on their servers. Because I am hosting my site with them I am given the option of having email address ending in If you want information about hosting a site, please see

Windows comes with a Snipping tool to grab anything on your screen. You “snip” it by drawing a box around what you want. You can then copy it to the clipboard or save it as an image. I use this tool quite a bit.

Type Snip in the search box next to the Start button. Click to open it. Click New to drag the box and use it to create an image of the desired portion of your screen. You can also press PrtScr on the keyboard to capture the entire screen in your clipboard.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller 4.0 update released. Many use a program called Revo to uninstall programs from a PC. It works better than the included uninstaller in Windows because it finds more of the pieces of some of the software on your PC. This program does a similar job, but has some neat extra features.

When running CCleaner, always look to the bottom right and click Check for updates. The old version still work but do not catch the newer issues. Get the latest and then run it. Do NOT pay for it. Say you do not want to but the upgrade and on the next page scroll down and Download the FREE version.

I leave all the checkboxes alone. I use the ones that come with the program so as not to remove things like my saved sites and passwords. If you have been using it for a while it remembers your old settings when you upgrade. You might consider uninstalling it completely and then download the latest version set to the normal defaults.

In addition to my own research, I want to give thanks to Harold at the Club, Newsletter, and for the useful ideas we take a look at each week.

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