Saturday, January 6, 2018

Class Notes 1-4-2018

Here’s a link to a Comcast page with their policy regarding email addresses if you quit Comcast. (Thanks Fran R) You can keep your email address as long as you use it.

The question came up about having to reset everything when coming down to Florida in the winter and back up north in the summer. The SSID and password is different in both locations for WiFi and all devices have to be set to the correct ones. This true but the way I handle it is to make the WiFi SSID and password the same in both locations. Then when I bring equipment like my cell phones, laptops, and printers there is nothing to do but plug them in. They look fo the same credentials in both locations. But, you say, my internet provider assigned me the SSID and password. Yes they did but you can log in to your account with them and change both to your liking. Just remember what they are!

Free books for you Kindel and other eReaders. You choose the genre and an email will come into your inbox daily with a list of a half dozen or so free books to download.

Custom Logo Designs for those who want to create a logo for your club, church group, personal letterhead or business cards. Easy to use and free.

Voice Commands in Windows. By turning on text recognition, Windows can learn your voice and you can speak commands into it instead of using your keyboard or mouse.

Do you need antivirus other than Defender? This article upholds our thoughts on using Defender plus the free tools we suggest to keep your Windows PC working virus/malware/spyware free.

Get Free Unlimited Google Drive Storage. All you need is a working .EDU email address. If you are a student at college or an employee/retired at a college, you may be eligible for free Google Drive space… and maybe a low price for Microsoft software as well.

Data Loss --It Doesn't Have To Happen-- Ever! Backup. Backup. Backup. And the software is free. We recommend EaseUS and Macrium Reflect as good image backup programs.

MailStore – Your eMail Backup Solution. Great to use when switching from one email carrier to another. Like from Comcast to Embarq or visa versa. When you cancel your old account all your emails go away; you no longer have access to them.

How to use the Command Prompt. This goes back to the 1980’s. Yes, the command prompt is still there and you can still type commands such as DIR, CLS, CD… You can even create batch files to execute a string of commands from one place. - a .BAT file.

In addition to my own research, I want to give thanks to Harold at the Club, Newsletter, and for the useful ideas we take a look at each week.

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