Thursday, November 29, 2018

Class Notes 11-27-2018

Windows Key Tricks
Try this out on your Windows 10 machine. With a window open, hold down the Windows key and tap any of the arrow keys. Up and the window is maximized, down it is minimize, and the left an right will send it the right half of your screen or the left.

Searching for something?
If you are looking for a “what”, Google it.
If you are looking for “how to”, YouTube it.

Getting a New Computer
This question has come up a few time this month. How do I get my stuff from the old computer to my new one; from Windows X to Windows 10? We talk a lot about making an image backup of your computer on a regular basis.

You cannot take that image and using the recovery disk move it all onto your new computer. You will remove everything on the new and make it look like the old with the old operating system! It might boot but you will have wrong drivers and all the issues you had with the old computer.

Leave the new computer alone. Copy all your data from the old old computer to an external drive and then use that backup to copy the data to the new drive. You can mount the image backup you made of the old computer on the new computer using the same backup program it was made with (EaseUS or Macrium) and drag and drop the folders or files you need onto the new one.

You could also purchase a data transfer cable like the following. It allows you to do a direct transfer from one to the other at over 400Mbps.

We talked again about the simple way of assigning passwords that you can remember. Here are the details of that methods:

Greeting Cards

Tis the season for sending Christmas Cards and all year birthdays and other events in life. I used to spend time and money searching for just the right card at stores around town. Then I was with a friend who create their own cards on their computer. Neat idea.

Scam Phone Calls
If you have not tried it yet, use to stop those annoying phone calls. Only works with VOIP phones (not Centurylink). It is free for home phones but $1.99 / mo for cell phones.

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