Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Non Class Notes 11-13-2018

Sorry I was unable to make it to class yesterday. I trust Lydia did a fine job answering your questions. My Sherri is in the hospital recovering from a surgery last Friday.

I plan to be there for next Tuesday for class as usual. So get those questions written down…

I see 1809 is back with a promise from Microsoft that it will not delete any files this time. I hope not but I am going to wait before letting it into my computer. Just in case I am making an image backup with EaseUS. You should also. And maybe with Macrium if that is your favorite.

Also CCleaner has a new version 5.49. Go to to get the latest free version. You do not have to pay for it.

Here are some windows keyboard shortcuts you might like to use:

Win R opens the Run menu

Win I opens the Settings window

Win Q opens the Type here box

Win P opens the Projector

Win Shift S lets you draw a box and saves it in the clipboard

Win L locks the screen and requires you to enter your credentials to log back in.

Win E opens a new File Explorer window.

There are many more, all to save you steps and keep your fingers on the keyboard.

Remember that you can email me with any questions. And I still do house calls!


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