Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Computer Club Summary 2-19-2019

Live demonstration of hooking up a Roku box took us about an hour to cover all the questions. Here is a link to Roku.com so you can check them out. You can buy from them or at any of the retails stores locally or on Amazon.

Use Wordle to create a graphic of words. I downloaded the program to my PC and it works great.

As mentioned in the last few classes, I have been using the Brave browser and the search engine duckduckgo. Check their pages for the benefits. I have found them fast and secure.

Have you got a locked iDevice (iPhone, ipad…) and can’t figure out how to unlock it or even to factory reset it to give to someone else? Check Dr.fone. It is a downloadable program from your PC to unlock any iDevice. Not free.

Review the 10 Minute Mail that George demonstrated at the last meeting. Lets you create a temporary email address. Why? You just want to download that delicious recipe and they want your email address. You know what they want it for--to send you junk mail. Instead of using your real one, create a temporary one and use it. They may want to have you confirm your email and this lets you read any emails sent to it. If you need 10 more minutes, you can add it--again and again.

Review the .new links that was explained in the Bytes for February. Simply stated, to create a new document in Google Docs, type doc.new into your address bar and you are taken to a new document in google docs. Spreed.new for a new worksheet. Re-read the article for details.

Have I Been PWNED?
There have been many corporations that have been hacked over the last few years and email addresses have been exposed; sometimes passwords also. This site has a database of all email addresses that have been taken. Type in your address and find out if you have been pwned. If you have, you might want to change your password.

Windows 10 Icon Spacing
Right-click on your desktop and change the size of the icons--small, medium, and large. But that does not change the spacing between them. This article shows you how to make that adjustment. Beware, this is a little technical.

How to Use the Chrome Cleanup Tool
As the article says “Once available as a standalone program, the Chrome Cleanup tool is now a part of the actual browser itself and can detect and remove harmful software along with restoring hijacked settings back to their original state. If you are experiencing undesirable symptoms such as intrusive pop-up ads and unexpected web pages appearing, your search engine and homepage being redirected to services and sites that you've never heard of before or just general slowness in your browser, then you should first check for and remove any unwanted programs.”

New Tool Tells You if Your Password Has Been HackedGoogle Password Checkup functions as a helpful second layer of security, telling you when your passwords have been compromised, and reminding you to change them before it’s too late.

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