Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Class Notes for 2-26-2019

Demonstration of setting up an Amazon Firestick

We started with a new box and walked through every step to set up the firestick and to establish a new Amazon account.

Last week we looked at the Roku box. This is similar in that they give you a menu of many movies and tv shows to watch. And channels to log in to like Netflix and others that require a monthly fee. No fee except to purchase it for the firestick.

If you have a smart TV and just want to get Netlfix and Amazon Prime and Hulu and others that cone built in to the TV, you do not need the firestick or Roku. Your TV does the work.

More on “cutting the cable”
You are not dumping your provider. You are opting out of the telephone and cable package. All you need is the internet and it does not have to be very high speed. Don’t get sold on the need for 100-150 mbps that the cable company says you have to have. I have found that 3-5 mbps streams. Our 4g cell phones can be used as a hotspot at about 5 mbps.

Get a TV antenna for from $10-$50 and plug it into the back of your TV. Go to settings on the TV and scan for TV channels. In this area you will find 30 or more local channels that are free.

Add the firestick or Roku and you have all the movie channels and seasons of TV shows to watch. And music and many other channels to add for free. There is one call pluto.tv that gives you free TV. You can try that out for free on your computer.

Your biggest bill will be your internet and the monthly fee for Netflix and whatever else you subscribe to that is not totally free. Try it.

Eyesight Issues
Win+Plus Turn on
Win+Esc Turn off

This start the magnifier for anyone with sight problems. Try it. It is self explanatory.

The Best Portable Apps That Require No Installation
This runs through a list of apps you can put on a flash drive for use anywhere. Some of my facvortes are on the list--Notepad+, emailstripper, libreoffice, and more

Useful Links from the past
This list was found in an old disk drive and some may no longer work. Give them a try.

What to Do if You Drop Your Android in Water
The first thing everyone tells you to do is to stuff your phone in a jar of rice. However, stuffing your phone in a jar of rice is more likely to accidentally stuff rice grains into your phone than it is to aid the phone's drying process. Rice is not a drying agent. Do not use rice.

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