Friday, May 24, 2019

Computer Club Notes 5-21-2019

Ease Of AccessWIn+U opens the Ease of Access window at the Display window. Here you can adjust the settings for your display. Many options to personalize including making text larger and animation and hiding scrollbars and more

Paint is backAfter announcing MS Paint’s “deprecation” back in 2017, Microsoft has gone in the other direction. Not only is Microsoft Paint sticking around in Windows 10—Microsoft just updated it with new keyboard controls. All those plans have been canceled. MS Paint will stay in Windows 10 and won’t move to the Store. Most shockingly, Microsoft has started updating it with new accessibility features.

Airplane mode--why?We understand the Airplane mode when flying, but why if we are on the ground? If you leave your device constantly looking for a viable WiFi connection it affects your performance and drains your battery. Also, if you need a quicker than normal charge, turn airplane mode on your phone. Just remember to turn it off when done or you will not get phone calls.

Importance of backupsBacking up is your computer's life insurance policy. We live in Florida so we know the importance of having an insurance policy on our homes. We remember Charlie. What got damaged or destroyed was rebuilt.

What happens when our computer crashes? Could be a worn out hard drive. Could be a virus. Could be a dropped laptop. Could be a stolen laptop. Whatever causes you not to be able to access your system the result is the same and you are not a happy camper.

What if you could get everything back just the way it was in a matter of hours? Isn’t that the kind of insurance you want to have?

Facebook remindersWhenever an action occurs in Facebook, an email is sent to your registered email address. This is by default and can be an annoyance. To stop that from happening choose settings and then notifications then email. Select what you want to be sent to you in an email. I only get important notifications.

PostingOn your profile, you choose who sees the post: Public, Friends… Only Me
On someone else's profile, if they allow you to do so
Tagging pictures will put pictures on someone else’s profile if they have not blocked that feature
Go into Settings > Timeline and Tagging Settings to limit who can post or tag to your timeline

RemindersIf you only want one person to see your post, send it on messenger
If you do not want to see someone’s posts in your newsfeed, unfollow them
If you do not want the world to see your posts, do not post them as public

Tag or not tag your photos?
Tagging will place the photo on your friend's page

Allow games to see your friends?
Only if you want the game to know all your friends names

Where is My Email?IMAP allows you to view the same email inbox on multiple devices because the messages stay on the server. This is how your gmail, yahoo. Hotmail, etc are accessed. Therefore you can access mail from any device by signing in to your account.

POP downloads email messages to your computer and remove them from the server. This is how MS Office Outlook handles your email. You can only access your mail on the device you have installed Outlook -- not the Outlook Mail that comes with Windows 10.

Uninstalling ProgramsYou can uninstall programs right in Windows or using the maintenance program CCleaner. In CCleaner goto Tools > Uninstall. I suggest sorting by date to view what has been recently installed or by name to locate a specific program easily. 

To use Windows press Win+I and choose Apps. A list of all programs will appear. Click on the one you wish to remove and choose Uninstall. 

Then confirm by click Uninstall. Esc to back out.

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