Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Online Computer Club Notes 6-12-2019

The library class was online today in Monticello, KY. The locals did not come but we spent an hour with the faithful from around the country using Hangouts once again. Thank for being part of today’s adventure. Will try this again next Wednesday at 3:30 and see who shows from Monticello.

Here are some of the things we looked at today:

WIn+U opens the Ease of Access window at the Display window. Here you can adjust the settings for your display. Many options to personalize including making text larger and animation and hiding scrollbars and more

I have turned off the following on my computer:

I demonstrated two new apps I have been using on my cell phone:
Life360 and Zello.

Life360 is a family networking app. It is a location-based service designed primarily to allow friends or family members to share location with each other. You can see where the other person is located and if driving you can see them move along the route and what speed they are traveling at.

Zello is an application that emulates push-to-talk walkie-talkies over cell phone networks. The apps are available for smartphones and your Windows PC. Reminds me of the old Nextel flip phones. I used their walkie-talkie feature all the time.

Restart File Explorer
One of the more common causes of a slow computer is the file system becoming overloaded and bogged down with things to do. The easiest way to solve this problem is to simply restart File Explorer.
  1. Win+E to open File Explorer
  2. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager
  3. Locate ‘Windows Explorer’ (which may also display as Explorer.exe)

4. Right-click and select Restart (be careful not to click End Task, because that will cause the PC to crash)

Your computer should now feel more responsive and any of the glitches that were appearing will hopefully have vanished.

A look at Win-X Menu 3.0 for Windows
Windows 10 users who invoke the Windows-X menu get options to launch a selection of advanced tools and common tasks when it opens. They may open Computer Management, PowerShell, or the Event Viewer from the menu directly, run searches, programs, or shut down the system.

Show Seconds On Clock
Windows 95 was the last version of Windows to display the seconds in the System Tray clock. Microsoft’s reasoning when they removed this feature was since system memory was limited at that time. That memory restriction no longer exists which means you can once again display the seconds if you have a need to do so.

A Keyboard Mouse?
Did you know you can use your keypad as a mouse? If your mouse conks out on you, here is a convenient quick fix.

Easy Photo Editor is a simple and free image editing tool that makes your pictures look more beautiful. The text tool allows you to add text to your image, select font type, font color and more to make your photo "speaks" for itself! Features: • Select image from your phone media library or camera.

InternetOff allows you to quickly turn off the internet so that you can go offline. When you need the connection, you can enable the internet easily for some period (and it will be automatically turned off) or permanently in just two clicks. Besides the program lets you password protect and schedule access to the internet.

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