Friday, March 27, 2020

Club Online 3-24-2020

The Club, CCCGC, is not open for at least the rest of the month of March and possibly into April.

We held an online class that was over attended. By that I mean we had more signing in than Google Hangouts allowed so many were turned away. We did not know of their max attendees as we never had that many online before. I apologize for my lack of knowledge. Next week I will attempt it again but using a system called ZOOM.

As of this writing, I have no idea how to use it. I will write up some instructions and test it out before Tuesday. I am sure it will work better than this last class.

These online events will work better if you can email your questions before class so I can be ready to address them for you. Thanks to Bob who did that this last time.

Here are some notes on the things we did talk about:

Email someone a document
You create a document in a word processor such as LibreOffice or Word or Google Docs. How do you send it to someone else?

Save the document and remember where you save it. Then open your email and compose a new mail. Click the paperclip and attach the file you just save. Finish composing the email and send it. The recipient will get your document as an attachment.

Macrium Backup
When doing a weekly backup, Macrium shows a C: system drive and a D: recovery drive. The recovery drive is a partitioned space on your hard drive to be able to restore your system back to what it was when you purchased it. Since many have upgraded to Windows 10, that drive is useless. There may be other “drives” listed as well. I leave them all checked and end up with an exact image of the entire hard disk.

Wise Disk Cleaner vs Wise Care 365
The disk cleaner works well to remove temporary and other unnecessary files, browser cache, and other things. I leave the defaults set as is.

Care 365 is like the disk cleaner on steroids. It checks a lot more things.

I just ran the Cleaner and this is what it found

Then I ran Care 365 and this is what it found in addition to the Cleaner.

Shift+Win+S to capture screen…

When you capture the screen, click the Snip saved… to open the

Then click the diskette” to save the image

Sling Free
A number of streaming services are offering free access for the next month because of the coronavirus issue. Sling is one of those. You can sign up without giving a credit card and have access for the month to movies and news and television shows.

Defragging and Wiping
I use Glary to defrag and wipe my hard drive. The options are in the Advanced Tools area.

Yes, Windows 10 defrags in the background when idle. It does not do the through and optimized process this defragger does. I do not run it often but I do run it. It takes a while and you might opt for having it shut your PC down when it finishes.

When you delete a file it goes into the recycle bin. When you run Glary and Cleaner and other maintenance programs the recycle bin is emptied. However, that does not mean the file is gone. File Explorer just can’t access it. With the right forensic program, deleted files can be brought back to life.

To prevent that use Wipe Free Space to remove all traces of the files.

When finished all traces are gone.

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