Saturday, March 21, 2020

Computer Club No Meeting Notes 3-17-2020

Okay, so we don’t have face-to-face time for a few weeks. Here is a summary of what I was going to talk about Tuesday. I trust you are all safe and washing your hands…

Sherri and I are doing well. Actually, we spent some time at the beach yesterday.

I sat and read and she looked for and found some sharks teeth. I guess this will be our last visit there for a while.

Wednesday we had lunch at Chili’s. It appeared they were open just for us! Actually, there were two other parties in the next section over. Lunch was good but there were no condiments on the table--not surprised.

I did work at Habitat in Punta Gorda on Monday and for a little while yesterday morning. I finished setting up a nice Dell desktop with 1909 and put out some nice large monitors. I just heard they are closing Monday for a couple of weeks.

So I guess it is home for us and our dog, Lady, loves it. It was one year ago today that we adopted her.

So here are a few things for you to drill down into. Let me know if you have any questions by email or texting.

Windows 10 version 2004 is coming
We're once again approaching that time of the year when Microsoft releases a new feature update to Windows 10. In line with the version numbering scheme we've been seeing, this update is currently known as Windows 10 version 2004, or 20H1, because it's being released in the first half of the year.

It is looking like we will not see this until sometime in May. Remember to do an image backup BEFORE you install… just in case.

How to Change Chrome’s Default Zoom Settings
Chrome’s standard zoom setting is easy to change, allowing you to quickly tell your browser how to shrink or enlarge different websites. You can also set a default font size to help create a more pleasant browsing experience.

How to Start a Blog Using Google Blogger
If you’ve ever gone to a website that had “blogspot” in the URL, you’ve been to a blog that uses Google Blogger. It’s a very popular blogging platform because it’s free—you just need a free Google account, which you’ve already got if you have a Gmail address—and you don’t need to know any technical wizardry to set it up or publish your blog posts. It’s by no means the only blogging platform, and it’s not the only free option, but it is a very easy way to start blogging.

And you can use it as your personal website as well adding tabs with links and even other pages in the blog. Adding a domain name makes it totally yours. Easy to try and work very nicely.

Notice actually opens a Blogger blog at

And that Blogger site has links to other sites.

Using OneDrive for Nearly Continuous Backup
We have discussed this in a number of classes in the past. This is a good article reinforcing what we have talked about. If you save in the OneDrive folder and have activated your OneDrive account with Microost then as long as you are Internet connected all your data is backed up in the cloud and on your computer.

Best practices for a robust backup strategy call for keeping a backup copy off-site. OneDrive, included as part of Windows 10, can do that automatically. We’ll set up OneDrive and then make a couple of changes to other applications to make our use of OneDrive for backing up nearly transparent.

5 Cheap Ways to Back up
Backup, backup, and then backup again. It sounds like what we are hearing about washing our hands.

You can never have too many backups. And we need to backup more than just our personal data. We need to create an image of our entire hard drive on a consistent basis. I try to do mine once a month and I use EaseUs to do it to an external hard drive. Read the articles I wrote on DCT for step by step instructions on how to backup and how to restore.

In the past, backing up your files meant buying an expensive hard drive or a mess of overpriced USB sticks. But now, there are a ton of cheap and easy ways to keep your files safe, even if you’ve built up terabytes worth of data. Here are five of our favorite affordable backup methods.

The Best Ways to Back Up Gmail
Yes, you can save all your cloud content from Gmail. This article details how to do it. You can also save all your content from Facebook, Yahoo, and other cloud sites.

Relying on free email services can be an unnecessary risk. Fortunately, it's possible, even easy, to back up Gmail.

Emptying Trash in Email
You may not be really getting rid of your old emails. This article explains why.

Most of us aren't able to access emails we've deleted, but that doesn't mean someone at the email provider can't.

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