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Computer Class Notes 5-5-2020

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Online Class Invitation
The link, meeting ID, and password will stay the same for the Tuesday classes. I will continue to send the invitations but you can reuse them from now on. Feel free to pass them on to others but please do not post them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

New Articles Of Mine
How To Deal With Blue Screen Of Death
Another Facebook Friend Request
Easy Mail Merge Using Microsoft Office
How To Get On Zoom

New to Windows 10? Check out 'Simply Windows' videos
If you’re new to Windows 10 or want to learn more about how to get the most out of it, there’s now a video series to help you get up to speed on using it: “Simply Windows.”

Another Computer User Group
SilvercomCTC is a technology club that meets weekly through the months of November to March at Silveridge Resort in Mesa, AZ. They hold weekly Sigs (Special Interest Groups) online and have a library of past sessions available online.

aNotepad online notetaker
It was launched with the basic premise of providing a simple tool for users to save notes online. We are very excited about interacting with this vibrant user community around aNotepad. We are a group of Open Source fanatics who have banded together to form Vannet Technology. We hope to work hard on your feedback and roll out useful features suggested by you soon.

Adblocker Extensions
In an attempt to show how to use adblocker it appears that it is not working. We tried to disable it on a site with many ads and the ads still appeared. We looked for another extension for Google Chrome and came up with uBblocker and it works very well.

Open Chrome

Click the three dots in the upper right to bring down the menu.

Settings > More tools > Extensions to open the extensions window.

Click three dashes in the upper left

Then at the bottom left click to open the store

Search for Adblock

Choose the one to be added and click Add to Chrome

Works in a similar manner to add extensions in the new Edge and Brave browsers.

Edge Chromium Browser Launches
Microsoft is officially launching its new Edge Chromium browser today across both Windows and macOS. A stable version of the browser is now available for everyone to download, just over a year after the software maker revealed its plans to switch to Chromium. Microsoft is initially targeting Edge at enterprise users of Windows and macOS, but consumers will be able to manually download and install it, too.

Phone Charger 1, 1.5, or 2
The speed at which your phone will charge depends upon the output level of the charger. Look in the fine print on the charging block one is very slow, one and a half is normal, and two is a quicker charge.

Slow Clock on Desktop
We had a question about a computer losing time. It was a desktop and is an indication to me that the BIOS battery which is located on the motherboard is very weak and needs to be replaced. The battery keeps BIOS Settings such as date and time.

Do I Need Microsoft 365?
Office 365 is now known as Microsoft 365 and contains among other things the complete office suite. A one user subscription is $69 a year, $99 for the five user package. Unless you have a need for Office and the additional 1 TB of free space per user, you do not need Microsoft 365.

The Green Board
A green board background is necessary for changing the backgrounds on your screen in Zoom. It can be anything green. One user is using a green towel hung behind them. I am using a couple of green poster boards picked up at the Dollar Tree.

How to Run Maintenance
The four maintenance programs that I suggest running once a week are Glary Utilities
Wise Disk Cleaner and/or Wise Care 365
Instructions on installing and using them can be found at the club site.

Print Tiny Print Larger
When you print an email the size of the type will be the same size as came in on the email. Making the print larger while reading the email by using Ctrl+Plus does not affect the font size of the type when printed. My suggestion is to drag through to select the body of the email and then right-click in the selection and copy it to the clipboard. Then you can open up any word processing program (WordPad, Word, Libre, etc) and paste the words into the new document. Then in that document select all th text and increase the font size of the font before printing.

Photo Scan By Google
We heard about a new scanning program by Google that was demonstrated at the APCUG conference on Saturday. It is an app for your phone to take pictures of photographs. When you use this app, the picture is automatically straightened and glare removed.

Fix Sound On Laptop
If you're having an issue with sound on your laptop you might first check to see if plugging eight a pair of headphones works. If it does than you may have internal speaker problems.. Otherwise I suggest you right click on the start button and choose device manager.

Locate the section on Sound and uninstall the device. Restart the computer and Windows 10 will install fresh drivers.

Access The Clipboard
Every time you copy something it goes into the windows clipboard. Beginning with version 1903 all clipboard entries are retained until the computer is restarted. To access the clipboard contents, use Win+V. Then you can scroll through the contents of the clipboard to choose the one you wish to paste someplace.

Windows Security
Windows Defender comes with Windows 10. This is an antivirus program that protects the computer from known viruses. There is a firewall built into Windows and one built into your WiFi router to protect you from intrusions. The maintenance programs mentioned above take care of removing malware, adware, Pups (potentially unwanted programs) as well as cleaning up the registry and removing junk files. These are not viruses but they do cause your computer to be sluggish.

Hosting A Zoom Meeting
When you started using Zoom you had to download and install a zoom client. It probably happened for you when you clicked the link sent in the invitation to join a meeting. The client is an application that allows you to connect to a Zoom meeting.

If you did this through a download from, it probably asked you to register by entering your username and password or by using your Google account or Facebook account to sign in. If you registered you have a free account and can both join a meeting hosted by somebody else or actually host a meeting by yourself.

If you don’t see a Zoom icon on your desktop, click start and scroll down the list to locate it or Win+Q an type Zoom. From the main screen that you sign into you can click to host a meeting or to schedule a meeting or to join one. If you click to join you will need a meeting ID and a password to enter. I suggest looking at some of the videos available on for detailed instructions.

Printing Photos
We spend a lot of time discussing the advantages of using Google Photos by setting our cell phones to automatically upload any picture we take. But what if we would like to have those pictures printed out at one of the local stores such as Walgreens, CVS ,Walmart, etc.?

All we need to do is open up Google Photos ( and locate the pictures we would like to have printed. Once we have checked them all, that is placed a checkmark in the upper left circle of each picture, we can hold down the shift key and press the D (Shift+D) to download all of them to our computer. Then we can copy them to a flash drive to bring to the store. Or we can sign onto their website and upload the pictures so we can have them printed8. Then we can go to the store and pick up the photos.

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