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Computer Class Notes 7-23-2020

Pictures In Google Docs
How do I position photos where I want them? In the past text boxes and the move tool allowed for all sorts of changes in color, text sizes and fonts, and the same with photos. I could place anything anywhere I wanted.

How to Move an Image in Google Docs
Click on the image and in the menu below it change the mode to Wrap Text.
Use the scroll arrows on your keyboard to move the images into place.
Hold the Shift key down to move the images with the scroll arrows in smaller increments.

The Ultimate Zoom Guide:
Best Zoom Tips, Tricks and How-tos
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I just installed Win10 2004 and noticed 2 changes that I'd like to have reverted back to 1909.

Start Menu: Programs list missing on left side. View appears to be either Tiles or List, not both, as in previous versions.

Screen Capture: Print Screen Key now takes only FULL Screen image, rather than offering clip options.

How can I get these options back?

Win+I > search Print Screen
HOW to MOVE a Gmail email From 'Social or Promotions' to PRIMARY.

Click on the email to open it

Click the vertical ellipsis and then Filter messages…

Create filter

Categorize and then choose the category, then click Create filter

Wi-Fi and ethernet maximum speedsMbps stands for megabits per second. A character is made up of 8 bits, or one byte of memory. Therefore 54 Mbps is actually 6.75 MBps.

Protocol Theoretical Maximum Bitrate

802.11b 11 Mbps
802.11a 54 Mbps
802.11g 54 Mbps
802.11n 600 Mbps
802.11ac 6,933 Mbps WiFi 5
802.11ax 9,608 Mbps WiFi 6

Wired ethernet in the home generally supports one of three maximum speeds:

10 Mbps (rare these days, but can be present in older equipment)
100 Mbps (currently most common)
1000 Mbps (aka “gigabit”, typical in newer equipment)

Display Virtual LED Indicators
If your keyboard doesn't have an LED indicator for Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, or Num Lock, you can use applications like AddLEDs or 7Caps to get an on-screen indicator. These programs may also be useful if the keyboard is not in reach, or if the keys are no longer functioning.

Google Search Cheat Sheet
How many times have you searched Google only to get a bunch of incorrect or unrelated search results that you wish you could filter out? Well, with a few search shortcuts, you can narrow down your search results and always get the exact results you’re looking for.

A Freeware Image Editor
Pictor is kind of a mixed bag. It is a freeware image editor with a lot of options, filters, batch processing tools, but it is not a full-blown image editor such as Photoshop, GIMP, or The program is portable. Run it to be greeted by a rather simple interface that has an image canvas at the center, a menu bar, and a minimal toolbar at the top of the screen.

How to Defragment Your Hard Drive
Over time, a hard drive can begin to operate with less efficiency due to fragmentation in the file system. To speed up your drive, you can defragment and optimize it in Windows 10 using a built-in tool. Here’s how.

Remember that Windows defrags in the idle times automatically. However, your external drives are not being defragged. You may check to see if your drives are in need of defragging.

Win+I > Defrag

Factory Reset Your Windows ComputerFactory resets are the nuclear solution for many Windows issues. If your computer is far slower than it once was, you have a malware infection that won’t go away or plan to sell your machine, a factory reset is the most convenient solution.

Reset is a good way to solve some ongoing issues your system may have developed over time. However, your non-Microsoft applications will be removed. You can choose to keep your data. The removed applications will have to be reinstalled.

Using Disk Cleanup in Windows 10
Over time, it’s not uncommon for files to accumulate on your system — unused files, old files, or files you no longer need. There are many reasons for this buildup. if you dig into the details. Fortunately, you don’t need to dig into details to clean things up; Windows includes a helpful disk clean-up tool for just this kind of thing.

With 2004 the Downloads folder is not defaulted to being checked. Be careful in 1909 or earlier. If you do not uncheck all your downloads will be removed. The maintenance programs we run like Glary Utilities removes the temporary files for us, so this Disk Cleanup is probably not needed.

Incremental Backup
We have talked about a number of backup programs in the past. We have been teaching on Macrium Reflect and EaseUS todo backup. All we've talked about in the past is using them to create a complete image backup of our system.

This works very well but what do we do in between backups? Whatever is changed since our last full image backup can easily be lost if the hard drive fails and we have to resort to that last image.

So there are three different types of backups.
  1. A full image backup
  2. A differential backup
  3. An incremental backup

Both of the last two types take a look at what you backed up in your last full image and then only back up what has changed since then. The incremental backup creates a copy of just what has changed since the last incremental backup. The differential backup backs up everything changed since the last Full backup.

For example, suppose you do a full backup on Sunday. An incremental backup on Monday backs up anything changed since Sunday. The Tuesday incremental backs up anything changed since the Monday incremental. A differential backup on Tuesday will backup everything changed since the Sunday backup and a Wednesday differential will backup everything changed since Sunday including what is on the Tuesday differential.

So if you are faithful to doing a differential backup daily or at least often, if your computer crashes you will use both the last full image and the latest differential backup to restore your computer to the point in time that you took that last differential. Video from EaseUS explaining the difference

Images In An Email
When you compose an email if you have an image to include simply open the image and copy it to the clipboard. Then you can paste that image into your email. The same can be said for images and words from a word processing program. Simply open the document then Ctrl plus a to select everything. Then simply copy and paste into the email you are composing. The words and the images will all be included in the email. This works for Yahoo! and Gmail. I cannot speak to other email situations.

Online OCR
In Saturday's class, I showed how to take a picture of a document and convert into a word processing file that could be edited. To do this I simply took a picture with my cell phone camera and then uploaded it to the website jpg2doc web site. The resulting downloadable .doc file is a ready to edit word document. There are other formats it will convert to but I like .doc because it can be opened in a number of different word processing programs. I've recently written an article regarding this at Dave's Computer Tips.

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