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Computer Class Notes 7-16-2020

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What do I do after I select restart after downloading updates (pending restart request) and the PC doesn't finish restart? My Laptop has been in the restart mode for 15 minutes now. What do I do?

Be patient. Depending on the speed of your PC and the extent of the updates being installed, it may take a while. If you really think you have given it enough time, hold down the power button until the PC shuts off. Then turn it back on.

How does one find a restore point to reboot the PC?

Win+I > type Restore > select Creat a restore point

Click System Restore > Next

Then click the restore point you want to return to and then click Next

How do you get single spacing In the address portion of a letter. When I hit return or enter I get a double space. I'm typing a letter from a blank new document. How do I type a simple letter just like Word 97?

In Word 97 pressing Enter ended the paragraph and brought you to the next line. In Word 2007 and on, pressing Enter ended the paragraph and s

How do I connect my Android to my car Bluetooth?
The first time you connect your phone to the car, you are required to pair your phone and car via Bluetooth. Make sure to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your phone. Turn on your car. Make sure your car is in park (P) and that you have time to set up Android Auto.

Is there a trash folder in Gmail? if so how do I find it?
Click the Gear > See all settings > Labels tab > scroll to find Trash and change Hide to View.

Connected to Wi-Fi, But No Internet
You sit down to get some work done on your Windows computer, and that’s when you see it. The dreaded yellow triangle appears over your internet connection icon, annoyingly proclaiming that you have No Internet Access.

Most have a single box that comes from their Internet Provider. It is actually two boxes in one--a modem that connects to the service provider and the Internet and a router that provides hardwire connectivity (RJ35) to your inhouse network and wireless connectivity to the same network. Your inhouse network does not net Internet access to work. Your computer can still talk to your printer with or without the Internet.

Usually cycling down the “box” will fix the problem. Turn off the modem/router and turn off the PC. Then restart the modem/router and when that is fully up, turn on the PC.

To be sure the issue is with your service provider, connect to a different one. I turn my cell phone hot spot on and make sure my PC connects. If it does not, I have a PC issue. If it does, I have a service provider issue.

Download YouTube Video and Audio

We have talked about this before and I have been using it often to download YouTube videos or the audio from a video to my own PC.

Find the video > add the letters “pp” before the .com in the address box > press the Enter key, then follow the prompts

Billions of combinations of TV services
Suppose.TV compares billions of combinations of TV services and finds the best for you. To begin, update your location if necessary and select your favorite channels. Suppose is a tool for searching and comparing video services. Based on your preferences, Suppose shows you detailed information about your video service options so you can make the best choices.

This is not a menu for free TV. It is a way to select the programming you need to have at your house. Once selected this site reveals the places you can go to and be able to have those shows at your house.

Why You Shouldn’t Get Rid of Old Photos
I have a couple of family photo albums and a few framed shots sprinkled around my apartment, but the other day I found myself wanting to look at others. I was struck by a wave of nostalgia so powerful that it overcame the sense of dread I feel every time I have to head down to my building’s basement and dig through the plastic bins that hold my old images.

Keeping your old photos is your choice. Maybe the kids will want them and they can make their choice in their time. Using our cell phone cameras we can snap pictures of the ones we want to keep, print to hang on a wall, or put up on our Facebook page. Once we have done that, we can put that box of old pictures in the trash or hide it away for the kids to find.

How To Add A Caption To A Picture
Locate the picture and open it in Paint.

Grab the lower right box and drag down to create a white space

Now you have a place to add teh caption

On the File tab, click the A and drag a box in the whote space

Save the completed picture with the caption. It is a good time to label the image with a descriptive name as well. In this case, perhaps it could be saved as Dad and Pokey 1946.jpg and save it in a folder perhaps where you can find similar genre later.

Get Your Pictures From Facebook To Google Photos In A Flash
In April 2020 Facebook made a new feature in Canada and the USA that enabled you to save a picture directly into Google Photos. This video shows you the correct Facebook settings that allows this process to happen.

On the FB title bar, pull down the arrow to the right of your name and select Settings. Then click on Your Facebook information. \

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