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Computer Class Notes 8-13-2020

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Power Outages
Lately, we have been having momentary power loss. This is not a problem for my laptop but the Internet goes away as [ower to the modem is interrupted. It takes about five minutes for it to come back. This is not good for Zoom, especially if you are the host.

Solution: Obtain a UPS and plug your modem/router into it. Then when the power goes out the UPS continues to supply power to the modem and unless the service provider has gone down, you stay on the Internet!

I plug my modem and router into the battery backup section and my computer and printers and lights into the surge protection. When the power goes off I still have Internet access and the battery on my laptop kicks in. The less using the battery backup the longer the battery will be able to be used.

Search Within A Page
Sometimes I am on the internet and I am looking for ONE WORD (or one person) in a long article.

Open the page. Then Ctrl+F to find a word on that page

Iron-On Printing
Can the printing on special iron-on paper cause printer problems? We did not find that out as nobody had any experience with it. But you can purchase paper that can be printed on and then used to iron on the images to T-shirts, bag, and more.

How to transfer files from one computer to another
I am not sure if the question is about just files or about getting a new computer and moving all your “stuff” from the old to the new one.

Depending on how many files (GBs) I might just copy them to a USB flash drive and then use a sneakernet approach to get them on the other machine.

Last week we talked about how to set up a home network. If both machines are on that network you can easily drag and drop files from one to the other.

If this is indeed about going from an old machine to a new one, I have an article on how to accomplish that at

I use a program called Fab’s Autobackup 7. You can find it at It backs up all your files and settings to a removable device, then you use its restore function to get them onto your new machine. Without it, I copy all data from the user folders to an external and then copy them to the same folders on the new computer. I am speaking about folders like Documents, Downloads, Desktop, Pictures, etc.

If you have a Microsoft account and are using OneDrive, all your folders and files in OneDrive will be synced for you. Any Google Drive information is in the cloud and you will have access to it and Google Photos on your new machine. When you sign in to your Google account all your shortcuts in Chrome will come over as well.

In every case, what does not come over are the applications that do not come with Windows 10. This includes Microsoft Office. I suggest running, if possible, a program like Belarc Advisor to obtain the license keys for applications you may need to reinstall. Here is a link to its download

One reason I copy the contents of the Downloads folder is the possibility that some of the installation programs for those non-Microsoft apps might be found.

Can’t Delete From Printer Queue
Try opening File Explorer and going to


Delete all in that folder but NOT the folder.

Try canceling the job that would not cancel

Burn Music CD’s
How to make CDs from music someone sent me by email.

Try CDBurnerXP downloaded from Ninite

Public WiFi is convenient for you … and for scammers
Public WiFi networks are not secure if they don’t require a password to connect to them. It’s safer to use your service provider’s network rather than public WiFi, even if it means incurring charges.

If you have Comcast as your service provider, use xfinitywifi which requires your credentials to log in. This can be used all over the USA where Xfinity is available. However, this is also a public portal and others may be on the same connection.

Always ask staff for the exact name of their establishment’s public WiFi network. This way, you are sure you are connecting to it and not a look-alike.

Limit your activity on public WiFi to activities such as browsing news, sports, and weather. Avoid doing anything that requires a username and password.

Toshiba is Finished With Laptops
Toshiba just sold its Dynabook business to Sharp Corporation, which may or may not mean much for anyone. Still, it's weird to see a company known for quality laptops sort of just give up, right?

How To Uses Snopes To Fact Check
Snopes, formerly known as the Urban Legends Reference Pages, is a fact-checking website. It has been described as a "well-regarded reference for sorting out myths and rumors" on the Internet. It has also been seen as a source for validating and debunking urban legends and similar stories in American popular culture.

This and other fact-checking sites can be found listed on:

How Would One Put A Soundtrack On With A Picture Post On Facebook?
You would have to use a program like Windows 10 Photos to create a “movie” with your soundtrack and the picture(s).

Bye Bye Camera
Get rid of humans in your pictures

How to Fix a Slow Context Menu in Windows 10’s File Explorer
Windows 10’s context menu can slow down over time. Third-party programs often install context menu extensions, and badly coded ones can slow things down. Here’s how to fix context menus that open slowly, freeze, or hang when you right-click.

LibreOffice 7.0 is now available
This is a major new version and as such introduces new features and improvements across the board. One of the main changes of LibreOffice 7.0 is better compatibility with the Microsoft Office formats docx, xlsx and pptx. The new version of the Office suite saves these documents in the native Office 2013/2016/2019 format instead of 2007 compatibility mode; this improves interoperability with Microsoft Office and should reduce display issues or other issues that could arise when saving documents in older versions of LibreOffice.

It is easy to set Libre to default to Microsoft Office formats.

Open LibreOffice and at the first screen, Alt+F12 > Load/Save > General

Choose Text document and then Word 2001-365, then Apply

Do the same for the Spreadsheet and Presentation types of files. Now you can read and write in Microsoft Office format without having to change the file type when saving.

Add an extra toolbar to your desktop
You can quickly run out of space on the taskbar if you're someone who uses many programs or someone who has pinned many to the taskbar. Linkbar is a freeware application that lets you add an extra toolbar to your desktop. It is not a dock, it's sort of like an additional taskbar.

This looks pretty good, but I think I will stick with QuickLaunceh we looked at a couple of classes ago.

Disable Resource-Hungry Chrome Extensions
Google Chrome is a resource-intensive browser. You might be used to closing tabs to free up RAM, but extensions run constantly in the background and take a lot of resources. Here’s how to find and disable resource-hungry Chrome extensions.

Hidden Modes in Windows
Did you know that Windows has lots of extra modes that enable extra functionality, help you troubleshoot, or enhance performance for certain tasks? Some of these are hidden, while you may have heard about others but never tried them yourself.

Access The Control Panel
Some have a difficult time with change. Perhaps that is you. Microsoft is in the process of doing away with the Control Panel altogether and migrating everything over to the Settings app. Personally, I dread the day when the Control Panel is finally no more. The migration is proving to be a painfully slow process so, hopefully, that fateful day is still a long way off. While Microsoft does not provide an obvious method for quick and easy access to Control Panel, there are multiple ways to access it… here are four of the best. 

Sidewise for Chrome
Mary showed us an extension for Chrome called Sidewise Tree… I installed it and it works great. It places your tabs in a vertical orientation in a separate narrow window to the side (defaulted left) of the screen. It remembers what your closed tabs were and allows you to see your history of tabs as well.

She also demonstrated Easy Link Preview for Chrome and for Firefox, TabTree, and Simple Link.

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