Thursday, August 27, 2020

Computer Class Notes 8-27-2020

Some Keyboard Shortcuts To Remember

On-screen keyboard   Win+Ctrl+O

Task Manager   Ctrl+Shift+Esc

Magnifier   Win+Plus or Minus, Win+Esc to turn off

Ctrl+Alt+Del Screen   Ctrl+Alt+Del

File Explorer  Win+E

Notifications  Win+A

Run Dialog Box  Win+R

Type Here To Search   Win+Q or Win+S

Minimize Desktop  Win+M

Toggle Minimize   Win+D

Snip Screen  Win+Shift+S

Clipboard History   Win+V

Right-Click Start  Win+X

Project Screen  Win+P

Display Settings  Win+U

Lock Screen  Win+L

Speech Recognition  Win+H

Emoji  Win+Period

Boot Options Menu   Shift+Restart 

Put Your Furniture Against the Wall

Coaxial connectors are always in the most inconvenient spot. They stick out from the wall and when you attach the cable to hook it to your TV or Modem it sticks out even more! A right-angle coaxial adapter is all you need to tidy up the area around your modem or TV. Finally, you can push your TV against the wall or hide the unsightly wires in your kitchen! 

And for those 110v cords that stick out 

Secret Hotkey Opens Windows 10’s New Emoji Picker

Windows 10 has a hidden emoji picker you can use to type emoji in any application, even desktop programs like Google Chrome. It’s accessible by pressing a keyboard shortcut combination. 

Image Eye is a freeware photo viewer

Do you want to browse through your photos using a program that doesn't have a single button or a GUI? Meet Image Eye, the lean image viewer.

Simple Photo Editing Tips

The difference between a good photo and a great one might be the few minutes you spend editing it before you share it. These techniques can quickly boost the quality of your photos. 

iPhone Clipboard Managers

You’ve probably used the iPhone clipboard more times than you can count for copying and pasting text between apps. And while the built-in clipboard is helpful, it has some limits. Most notably, it can only store one piece of information at a time. 

EaseUS 1-2-3

Yup, it is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need is the EaseUS program installed and an external drive plugged into a USB port. Hopefully, the drive and the port are USB 3.0 (blue usually).

How to save scanned Photomyme photos to your phone

This short guide explains how to save the photo files of your scanned photos to your device or PC. By default, the photos you scan with Photomyne's photo scanner app are saved within the app. If you would like to save them to your device as well, please follow these simple steps. 


Patch My PC can check your system against the current version of Adobe Reader/Acrobat/Flash, Mozilla Firefox, and more. Video tutorials available. Once you run Patch My PC, it will simply show you a list of supported software and then let you know the status. By the way, the app is portable, so no installation is required. Green means it’s okay, red means it needs updating, and black means it’s not installed. The interface is more complex than Ninite which will do the same job except for CCleaner. That one is not included in Ninite so you have to go to and download it yourself, wade through the screen wanting you to buy it, and keep your eye out for other software it wants you to install (Avast). This is an executable file that does not have to be installed to run. However, you might see a warning from your antivirus.

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