Thursday, November 5, 2020

Computer Class Notes 11-5-2020


PixBim Question
I downloaded PixBim and colorized a B&W photo. I would like to print the colorized version but did not have any options to save or print. Is there a way to print the colorized version?

Take a screen print and save it. This is where I use shift+win+s to open the snipping tool and draw a box around the new picture then paste it into the paint program and print it.

Here are the class notes from 9-10-2020…

Colorize Black and White Photos
We downloaded and installed PixBim. It uses AI to automatically take a B&W image and add color to it.

Just open the original and watch it do its magic. Pretty neat. The resulting picture will have a watermark if you are using the free version.

At the home screen ( scroll down to locate the link to download the free version. It is a 699MB file so it will take a few minutes to download and a few more to install. Then it is pretty straightforward. Open a B&W image and it will do its work.

And a new feature to do the same with Photomyne:

Magical B&W photo and video colorization. A Photomyne-developed colorization process that breathes new life into B&W photos and videos!

From Donna What is Your Password?

Send And Receive Money With Zelle
Zelle is a fast, safe, easy, and contact-free way to send and receive money with friends, family, and others you trust. You can receive money directly into your bank account in minutes.

Enable and Use Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge now has vertical tabs, which can be a great tool on modern widescreen displays. Here’s how to get a vertical tab sidebar in the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge. This feature is coming in January 2021

How to Open the Classic “System” Control Panel
Microsoft says the classic “System” properties Control Panel has been removed from Windows 10. As of the October 2020 Update (20H2), there’s no way to access it—or is there? Here’s a hidden command that opens the System Control Panel.

Helpful Windows 10 Tools
Windows 10 offers many other power tools for enthusiasts—if you know where to find them. Some are older, yet still obscure. Others are relatively new, added during the twice-annual major upgrades Microsoft’s been pushing out since Windows 10 launched over five long years ago (though most recent feature upgrades, like the October 2020 Update, tend to be minor). But all 10 of these little-used tricks and tools can help hardened PC users save time or eliminate headaches

Choose A Custom Color For Your Start Menu
Starting with the October 2020 update, Windows 10 now defaults to a light theme that takes away accent colors from your taskbar and the Start menu. If you’d like to select a custom color for your Start menu, there’s an easy way to pick it in Settings. Here’s how.

Understand Windows 10 Update Names and Numbers
Windows 10 has a lot of overlapping version numbers and names. For example, the October 2020 Update is also called 20H2, version 2009, and build 19042. It often seems like different teams at Microsoft are speaking different languages. Here’s how to decode Microsoft’s jargon.

Public Records Encyclopedia
Learn all about any address, person, or company in the US without leaving your couch. makes finding information in the United States easier than ever.

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