Sunday, November 22, 2020

Computer Non-Class Notes 11-26-2020

We could not meet on Zoom today. I am in western Kentucky and enjoying the company of friends that moved here from Florida a couple of years ago. I trust you all have had a great day.

REMEMBER to come into the office if you are in town and cast your vote on December 1st from 10 am until 2 pm. Then get on Zoom for the December General Meeting. There will be a basic class at 5, my intermediate class at 6, and a presentation at 7, and the meeting itself with the results of the election.

Here are some interesting articles for you to look over and send me questions about for next week’s class on December 3rd.

Monitor Your Connection
Have a slow connection or not having a consistent one? This app will track your connection and make issues behind the scene obvious. You can keep a log to show your provider the issues and hopefully convince them to fix it.

Easily check if your Internet connection is stable or loses too many packages. Monitor failures of your Internet connection. Know the start, end, and duration time of every connection failure.

Older Geeks
This site looks like a safe place to find new apps. Check it out and let me know what you think.

We are a software download site without ads, fake download buttons, or "crapware".

Forward an Email as an Attachment in Gmail
I did not know how to do this and it works great. No more copy and paste or forwarding an email to someone else. Just create a new one and attach the emails you want them to be able to view.

Instead of forwarding several emails individually, you can send them all at once as attachments. With Gmail, you don’t even have to save the emails to your computer to do it–there’s a built-in option just for you.

How To Add Captions In Word
This is a good approach to adding words to an image in Word. I have always just typed the “caption” under the image and centered the image and the words under it. Give this approach a try.

There are many instances when one would wish to add a caption to a document in Microsoft Word. I specifically like to add captions when I am creating a manual or when I am doing a tutorial. I feel that we all learn in different ways and that includes reading and seeing, so I like to include screenshots.

Set Program Windows To Stay On Top
Every time you open a new app it opens on top of everything else on your screen. This app allows you to force a screen to stay on top while you work on another app.

Sticking a window to stay on top is a great way to multitask. You can watch videos while you work, use multiple programs at the same time, or keep important information always visible on the screen

Free Microsoft Office in Windows 10? Sort Of
Office 365 is free with Windows 10 for 30 days. After that, you have to purchase it for $70 a year. In addition to Office, you get 1 TB of OneDrive space. Using you can use the online versions of Office at no charge. Your files are saved in the OneDrive cloud. You get 5 GB of free space with your Microsoft Account.

Microsoft Office appears in every new install of Windows 10, but is it really "included"? Yes and no. No. But then again, yes. In fact, there’s a free version for anyone, on any version of Windows — or indeed, almost any operating system

Resize Images Using Paint 3D on Windows 10
Paint 3D is the updated version of MSPaint. It does all that Paint does and much more. This resize feature is one of many. Let’s give it a try.

If you need to perform a simple task like resizing an image on your Windows 10 PC, you don’t need to use software with a steep learning curve like Photoshop. You can do it using Microsoft Paint 3D. Here’s how it’s done.

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