Thursday, December 3, 2020

Computer Class Notes 12-3-2020

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Useful Windows Stuff Evans December 2020 Presentation

Please outline what is and what are the advantages of a Virtual Private Network and how to get one.

If you really want to hide your physical location from a website, you can use a VPN (virtual private network) Or, for additional privacy at the cost of speed, use Tor.

When you access a website through a VPN, you connect directly to the VPN server, and the VPN server connects to the website on your behalf. It functions as a middleman, passing traffic back and forth.

Tech For Seniors (A recap from Donna)

1. Microsoft revenue was $38 billion last quarter, mostly from web-based platforms. Windows usage has steadily dropped in the last five years. Europeans are moving to Linux. And something coming up which may affect Windows is the new Macbook Air.

2. A former hacker known as Mudge has been hired as Twitters' new head of security. He has been used often to hack into systems to prove their vulnerabilities with Microsoft being one of his largest clients.

3. Tik Toc has added more parental controls. Previously guardians could just set time limits, content, and chat use, now they can also limit the comments on their children's posts and can turn off the search function for certain contents and hashtags.

4. High-end laptops now come with facial recognition.

5. The Brave browser is fast and blocks tracking.

6. and you can see yourself driving through another country and listen to the local music

7. PC magazine has voted Audacity the best free software of 2020. (Hewie demonstrated the use of Audacity).

Entertain Your Brain
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Should You Ditch Streaming?
Streaming video was supposed to save us from the wicked grasp of cable TV. But as prices rise and streaming selections fall, it’s getting hard to justify the frustrating, expensive streaming experience that comes along with being a cord cutter. People subscribed to services like YouTube TV could actually save money and get more channels with a cable subscription. But is going back really worth it?

Chrome 87 launches
Google published Chrome 87 Stable to the public on November 17, 2020. The new version of the company's Chrome web browser is a security and feature update. The update is available already, and while Google rolls it out over time, users on the desktop may run a manual check for updates to get it right away.

Master Windows 10’s Alt+Tab Switcher
Alt+Tab lets you switch between open windows, but there’s more to it than that. The Alt+Tab switcher has other useful-but-hidden keyboard shortcuts. These tips apply to both Windows 10 and 7.

The MultCloud service is like an online version of Windows Explorer and provides access to multiple cloud storage services in one place. It eliminates the need to visit multiple websites or install several client apps to access all of your files. If you want to copy files from Google Drive to Dropbox, or from OneDrive to Amazon S3, or you just like the idea of browsing all of your accounts in a single browser tab, MultCloud lets you do it.

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Printing Emails
We demonstrated 3 ways to print an email.

Open the email

1. Click the printer icon or tap the P key on the keyboard
The content of the email will print

2. Ctrl+P brings up the print dialog box and everything on the screen will
Be printed

3. Select the portion you want to print. Then Ctrl+P and choose the print selection option. Only what you have selected will print.



When printing a PDF be sure to scroll down in the settings window in Adobe and “shrink oversized pages” or in Edge “Fit to printable area”

Delete From Desktop
The question asked was “If I delete something from my desktop is it still on my computer?” The answer was yes and no!

If it is a shortcut it will have an arrow and when deleted will not delete anything but the icon on the desktop. The data accessed with the shortcut will still remain on the hard drive.

If it is not a shortcut (no arrow) then it is the data and it will be removed from the desktop and therefore the hard drive completely.

Run Defender
Windows 10 Defender is running in the background all the time as long as you have not installed some other anti-virus application.

To access Defender to run a quick scan: Win+I > Update & Security > Windows Security > OpenWindows Security > Quick scan

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