Thursday, September 11, 2014

Class Summary 9-11-2014

Had a two hour lesson on browsers with demonstrations of the three major browsers -- Internet Explorer or IE, Firefox or FF, and Google Chrome or GC. Full details can be found in the class notes by clicking the Class Notes link above.

We fielded some questions before, during, and after class. One was about the being able to view two Word documents on the screen at the same time. This is hard to notice as when you open a second document it opens in the same Word window. However, in the upper right you will see two, not just one set of minimize, restore, and close buttons. the lower set is smaller and will cause the current document to be minimized or  restored (made smaller). Do that with both open documents and you can view both at the same time within Word.

It was mentioned in class that gMail accounts had been hacked. Here is an article that speaks to that issue:

And here is the link to a site that will tell you if you email address has been hacked:

Here is another site:

And another:

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