Friday, March 13, 2015

Class Summary 3-12-2015

We moved forward in the Basic handout. Covered items 10-12. In addition we looked at using Chromecast, covered some Facebook questions, showed how to capture an entire web page using a browser extension called Webpage Screenshot, and suggested covering your webcam to prevent hackers from seeing you while you are online.

Some Facebook info:

Your friends only see what is on your facebook page. They do not see what is on your newsfeed. Your newsfeed contains glimpses of what has been recently posted on your friends pages. You only see newsfeeds for those friends you are following. You can unfollow a friend without unfriending them. Then you can see their posts on their pages without having the posts appear in your newsfeed.

If you want to send a private message to a friend on Facebook DO NOT post it on their page. ALL their friends can read it. Use the MESSAGE feature to send a private message. They will be the only one to be able to see it.

When you post on your page notice the setting to the left of the Post button. Public means anyone who finds your page can read it. Friends means only your friends can see it.

A question was asked about EaseUS backup's new versions. If you upgrade to a new version will the new version be able to read and restore your old backups? I have not had to try that, but I believe the new version can handle the backups created with the older releases of the program. However, when you upgrade to the new version you may want to create a new recovery boot disk so it has the latest release recovery program.

To see the full Basic handout check the Class Notes link above.

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