Friday, March 20, 2015

Class Summary 3-18-2015

We continued on with the Basic Computing handout finishing up with #13, using PDFs. Next week will continue on talking about "the cloud". If you do not have a PDF reader or writer, go to and select Adobe Reader and PDF Creator.

The Reader allows you to open and print and PDF formatted file. The PDF Creator installs as a printer on your PC. When you want to create a PDF instead of a printed hard copy, just select PDFCreator from your list of "printers" and a PDF file will be generated that you can save or send to someone else.

We had a question about Skype from one member trying to follow a suggestion from the newspaper about restricting all but those in your contact list from sending you messages on Skype. She was using the Windows 8 App for Skype and we could not find out how to do it. I demonstrated using the desktop version of Skype and located the tools menu and where to be sure only contacts can access your Skype account. I suggested she go to the desktop and download/install Skype from there.

Was asked about printing from Yahoo Mail. Either Ctrl+P to bring up the print dialog box OR select the portion you want to print and then Ctrl+P. Do NOT use the Yahoo shortcut, P or you well get a screen shot of the visible page only.

Another asked about getting movie files overt to a CD or DVD. The process is quite simple. Insert a blank CD or DVD into your writable drive. Opening it will display an empty File Explorer window. Simply drag the files you want on the CD into the empty space. When you have all of them copied there, locate the "write files to disk" tool  and click it. You can also attempt to open the CD drawer and it will automatically write them before the drawer opens. Remember a CD will only store 700 mb of data. A DVD will store about 4 gb of data depending our your burner, software and type of DVD. If your files are larger than that, copy them to a USB flash drive that has enough room. 16 gb ones have been selling for about $12.sre

We also discussed re-sizing images by downloading PrishResizer and demonstrating using it. Also showed how to batch rename a number of pictures to organize them. I suggested creating a folder in MyPictures for each event you take pictures at. Then rename the pictures in that new folder to describe who the picture are of.

And we spent a lot of time on Facebook questions. Demonstrated using the Newsfeed shortcuts keys--J to scroll down and K to scroll up. We showed how to pull down the menu in the upper right of each post in the newsfeed to stop getting ads or game requests and for un-following someone in the newsfeed without un-friending them. Also talked about changing your profile to not have email notifications sent. And many other FB questions; too many to remember.

Check the class notes (see link above) for the full handout.

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