Thursday, March 26, 2015

Class Summary 3-26-2015

Note: links to all the sites we talked about are at the end of this summary.

We talked about using the cloud today and it is a great place to store backups of your data including pictures. There are a lot of free cloud storage places. The first x gb are free. For additional fees you can get more space.

Dropbox free 2 gb
Google drive 15 gb
Amazon 5 gb
Live 15 gb

Join amazon prime and you get unlimited storage for your pictures.

To backup to the cloud try Mozy. You get 2 gb free and can choose what gets backed up. Or iDrive that starts you off with 5 gb.

Then we looked at cloud software. Google docs replaces office software including word and excel. But if you like those use those programs, goto for free word and excel cloud aps. is a full featured office suite that is totally in the cloud. And a site called RollApps contains I've 100 apps like OpenOffice that can be run from the cloud.

Received this email from RollApp.

First of all, a big thanks for signing up and welcome to rollApp!

During the first 14 days, you’ll enjoy full-featured trial of premium subscription for OpenOffice Writer, and the entire applications collection available at

After the trial you can continue using rollApp for free with some functionality limitations or upgrade your account to premium. Learn more about benefits of premium subscription at

So this tells the story. Full features of 15 days. THen you get to decide to buy it or continue to use it with less features for free forever.

Talked about using keepass to manage your passwords. And yogile to share photo for free with no signup required. And to edit and create collages of photos, try fotor.

Next week we will see how to rip music to your computer and then to make your own mix--a cd of just the songs you like.


Mozy for backup: use code GFBU22
Google Docs:

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