Friday, April 17, 2015

Class Summary 4-16-2015

Class began with a question about Facebook messaging. PM or private messaging is the way to chat privately with anyone who is on Facebook.  They do not have to be a friend to you. To send a message open their page and near the top appearing over the right bottom of the banner you should find a Message button. If you do not see one then they have removed that function and cannot send them aesthetic.

Another way to get to Messenger is the icon on the top row. It looks like two rectangles, one over the other. Click it and the messenger window pops up. Type on the facebook name and type your message. When finished press Enter and the message is sent.

You can also add pictures and emoticons to your message by clicking the icons on the bottom of the message window. The pictures have to be on your computer. You can't copy paste. The emoticons are groups of free cartoons like smiley faces. You can also include web addresses in your message with the http:// and a link will be included.

Finished the series on Basic Computing we started a few months ago. This week was about Using Flash Drives and Backing to a CD, Flash Drive, or in the Cloud. Good discussion. I suggested using Mozy and letting it keep your data automatically saved in the cloud. I do not use it for my pictures or video files. They take up too much room and I have them in my monthly images anyway. This keeps me under the maximum space allowed with the free account.

Backup in the Cloud; use code GFBU22

Please use the above code. It gives you an extra 250mb free space and f the same for me. Thanks.

Had a question about how to print from a Web page. Ctrl+P prints the entire page including all the pictures and ads. If the page has its own Print button, it will probably be your best bet. Otherwise, select the piece you want to print and then Ctrl+P and print selection.

If you want to put the information into a Word document instead of Ctrl+P just right-click in the selected area and choose Copy. Then go to your Word window and right-click paste. When you paste you will get all the pictures and links. Click the smart tag at the bottom of the pasted data in the Word document and select Text Only and all not text material goes away. You can also use an intermediary program like Notepad to paste into first and then copy paste from there to Word or any other place you want the data.

Back to Facebook with a How To post pictures. What you cannot do is copy and paste pictures to Facebook.  They must reside on your computer. If they come in on an email you have to download them to your computer first.Then start a Post and type whatever you want to say about the picture. Click Photo / Video at the top of the Post section and browse to where you saved the picture. This places the picture in the post and in your picture folder on Facebook. You can also include a picture in a PM (private message) by clicking the icon of a camera at the bottom of the message window and browsing to the picture you want to include.

When emailing a picture, click the icon of a paperclip and browse to the picture you want includes. You may select more than one image at a time by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking to select.

We probably covered a lot more, but this is all that comes to mind.

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