Thursday, April 9, 2015

Class Summary 4-9-2015

Looks like Windows 10 will be out in August. No firm dates yet. Had some interest in the past about downloading videos from YouTube. There is an app on Windows 8 you can install from the App Store called Megatube. It is not available in earlier versions of windows. With it you can open YouTube videos and videos from other sources and elect to download them to your PC. If all you do not want video portion you can elect to get only the audio. If you have an older OS try YouTube Downloader.

Showed a new image backup program that allows restoration to a different size hard drive. The EaseUS one we have been using does not. It needs a hard drive of the same size or a partition of that size to restore to. I have not tried it out yet.

While talking about EaseUS I mentioned that you can open the backup file on your PC and drill down to the file level and open or even copy/paste it to your PC. The backup is like a ZIP file. However, you need the backup software on your PC to open the archive and “see” the files.

When I do an image, I mount my external drive and create a folder for the backup noting the name of the PC I am backing up and the date. Then when I run EaseUS I place the backup file in that folder. I do this because I use the same portable drive to backup multiple PCs.

Jumped into the Basic Class Notes file and looked at 15 and 16 See the Class Notes link above to locate and download the PDF. We discussed using the search facility in File Explorer to locate files by entering words you think are in the file name, extensions like jpg or doc for specific files, or even words that may be inside a document.

Of course the best method is to name the files you save with easy to locate names and place them in logical folders. We used the shift-click method to rename files in bulk. To organize consider a folder named 2015. Then in that folder make folders for each event or topic. Maybe one for finances, church, family, etc. Then in those folders make other sub-folders. Then REMEMBER to save your files in the appropriate folders.

Then we had a good question on browsing. When you have multiple tabs open can you see both tabs on the screen at the same time? Yes, drag one of the tabs down and it will appear in a second browser window.


Aomei Backupper

Comes with WIndows 8. It is an App that downloads audio, video, or both from YouTube.

YouTube Downloader

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