Thursday, April 2, 2015

Class Summary 4-2-2015

Showed everyone what the new browser from Microsoft looks like. It is called Spartan for now. Looks a lot like Chrome or the new Firefox. It is in the test stage now.

If you have Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 when 10 becomes available you will get a free upgrade to 10. This will be in the form of a regular update, but you will have to accept the update. This free upgrade will only last for one year. After that anyone who wants to upgrade will have to pay for upgrade. If you do the upgrade within the year, you have it for life. You will not be billed for it later.

This is what we understand from the articles we have read. Also, if you want a CD, you will be able to download an ISO file and do the upgrade yourself instead of as a regular update.

We demonstrated how to rip a music CD and then how to create a mix of songs from the songs on our computer to a CD to be used in a CD or DVD player. The details are in the handout including screen shots. Click the Class Notes link above.

We talked about Dropbox and someone added it to their cell phone and it started to upload all their pictures to the Dropbox. I suggested uploading them to their PC and removing them from the phone so only the new pictures would end up on Dropbox.

With Amazon Prime you get unlimited storage for images and video. You can share your Prime account with up to five family members, but we do not know if that means five unlimited storage accounts or one that is shared. Non-prime Amazon accounts get 5 gb for free and can purchase unlimited space for any type of files for $5 per month or $60 a year.

We did touch on some Facebook ones regarding following and unfollowing someone. If you do not want to have someone’s posts appear in your newsfeed click on the down arrow in one of their posts and then select the unfollow option. You will still be their friend and can still go to their page and view all their posts and pictures. You just no longer have them appearing in your newsfeed. Depending on how someone sets up their profile you can follow someone who is not your friend. All you will see is their Public posts, the ones you would see if you open their page.

If you have lost your password to Facebook just click the lost my password link on the login screen. Facebook will ask you some questions and show you some pictures from your page to identify. Then you will be able to reset the password after they are sure it is really you who owns the account. If that does not work, they have you mail them a copy of your drivers license to validate who you are. They destroy it when they have completed their investigation and then allow you to setup a new password.

Had a number of other questions and I wish I could remember them all. LOL. CU next week when we get back to basics and discuss working with File Explorer and copying and moving files and folders.

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