Friday, May 1, 2015

Class Summary 4-30-2015

Jarte vs Abiword. These are both quick to load and free word processors. Both are available in portable versions. We looked at how fast these load as compared to Word and they are free. Word is also free if you use the cut down version on It runs out of the cloud.

Portable Apps. These are quick to run without installing them and can be placed on USB flash drives. Bring all your favorite apps with you and run them from any Windows computer. We looked at the windows like start menu of the portable apps interface. There are hundreds of apps you can run as portable without having to install them on your PC. Among them are LibreOffice (Office Suite), Abiword (like MS Word), Lnumeric (spreadsheet like Excel), Google Chrome, Firefox, and more. WSUS Offline Update provides you with a secure way to update your operating system and Microsoft Office applications, creating a locally stored package that contains the latest patches and the most recent security updates. Thereby, you can use the downloaded files in order to perform system updates on any Windows machine in the absence of an Internet connection. Soluto is an unusual program. This "Anti-Frustration Software" analyzes your system and compares its findings with an online knowledge base ...

How to create a list in Yahoo Email

Want to create a named list or group of contacts to email to? For example you want to be able to email all of your family by typing family and not have to individually select each person. The way to do that is to create a list and include those contacts in the list.

Click the contact button (2nd from left)

Scroll to the bottom (left column) and create a name a New List

Locate a person to be added to your list and click the Assign to Lists button

Scroll down and place a checkmark next to each list you want that contact to be included in.

That is it. When you want to include everyone in that list, simply type the name of the list in the TO line (or BCC line) and all the contacts assigned to that list will be added.

How to print an Email
Open the Email, select the portion to be printed, right-click and select Print. Only the selected portion should print.

Word clipboard
-- When you are in a Word document, every time you copy something while in Word it ends up in the Office clipboard instead of the Windows clipboard. And unlike the Windows, that clipboard stores more than just one entry. On the Home ribbon the left hand group (the one with the Paste tool) is the Clipboard group. Click the little box in the lower right corner of the group to open the Clipboard. In it you will see all the collection of items you have copied. You can then double click them to paste them into your document one at a time in the order you want them. Or you can click the

Firefox helper will enable you to download files from,,,,,, and more than 40 other just in one click. This does not bring down just audio. It simply copies the video to your computer for offline viewing.

green down arrow
When you are in the video, click the Download button. Pull down the arrow to the right to change the resulting file type.

Blackmenu extension in Chrome adds a pull down menu for various Google Apps

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