Thursday, May 14, 2015

Class summary 5-14-2015

Discussed the possibility of using Skype or Google+ to hold classes remotely when I am away in July and August. We will experiment with this approach early in June before I leave to go anywhere.

I went on a road trip to Staple today and found some interesting new devices. One is a personal cloud. It is a 3tb drive with Internet access to upload your files to. Any of your internet connected devices can access just like would a cloud drive like Microsoft live or Google drive. The difference is that the cloud is all yours.

Another is a portable drive with WiFi built in. It holds 500gb of data and can use it as a portable cloud on batteries.

HP has a Windows 8 PC that rivals the Chromebook. 2gb RAM and a 32gb drive. Lightweight and runs windows programs. Of course this also it is sustainable to malware and viruses.

And HP has a desktop replacement that is a little bigger than a Roku box. Just need to plug in a monitor keyboard and mouse and you are up and running.

Demonstrated downloading Lubuntu. Then showed how to burn the image onto a DVD or CD by right clicking the ISO file and choosing burn image. We then booted the PC from the newly created disk and demonstrated using it.

You can install it live and boot to windows or Lubuntu. This a good approach to keep your old XP system. Boot to XP to use your old programs and to Lubuntu to use the Internet. To be safe disable your network adapter in XP to be safe.

Demonstrated how to rip music from a CD and then how to copy the music files to an Android phone.

A few windows shortcuts:
Win E opens file explorer
Win R opens the run window
Win L locks the screen
Win C open the charm bar in win 8
Win P opens the screen to select multiple displays options
Win D drops all open windows to the taskbar

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