Friday, May 29, 2015

Class Summary 5-28-2015

Talked about the free cloud storage available. One is Amazon Prime that has unlimited photo storage. Just released from Google is free unlimited photo storage with your Google account. Open your Google Drive and notice the new folder for Photos available to you. Click to read an article about the new cloud storage:

George, one of our snowbird members sent a link to an article on using random words for passwords instead on weird difficult to remember combinations of letters and special symbols. That reminded one of our members of a link we looked at months ago that told you how good your password, how hard it is for someone to crack it. And we all learned that spaces are valid in a password. Just don’t use them in front or behind the words. So “password 1234” and “pass word 1234” are valid passwords. So is “pass word1234”.

We looked at a program to install that lets you know if someone is hacking into your WiFi. Maybe a neighbor or a drive-by. Joe sent me the link to the one he has been using,

That loooong password that comes with your Comcast Modem/Router can be change so it is easier to use. Maybe using multiple words like we learned in class. Here is a link from them on how to do it.

Are you playing with one of the Linux distros we demonstrated? If so, here is another one suggested by Bob, one of our members. It is called Elementary OS and is said to be a good replacement for XP.

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