Friday, June 5, 2015

Class Summary 6-04-2015

We talked about Facebook groups and showed how easy it is to set one up. Check out the new group for the class. If you are on Facebook ask to be added and you can post to the group. Only those in the group can see the posts.

Reviewed some browser basics. Three major ones, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. My choice is Chrome. Discussed using tabs to open more than one site. Talked about the address bar being where you can type in an address to a web site or words for a search. And the easiest way to get there is to press Ctrl+L. This moves the insertion point to the address bar and selects the data currently in it. When something is selected you do not have to delete it before typing. As soon as you start to type the selected words will be gone. When searching the more words you include the narrower your results. But the search engine knows where your computer lives so it automatically gives results based on your location.

Someone asked why use an address shortener like tinyurl. When the URL you are sending to someone is already short there is no reason. But if it is a long one usually taking multiple lines the resulting URL will be much easier especially if they have to type it in from a document and not just click on it from an email.

I demonstrated a site called fiverr. People post tasks they are willing to do for you for $5. I used one of them to have a picture of me done in a cartoon form. If you have a skill you and want some extra cash, you can add your name to the list and offer you services as well.

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