Friday, June 12, 2015

Class Summary 6-11-2015

We took a look at the note taking app/program from Google called Keep. It can be run from the web on any platform (Windows, Apple, Linux) or from an App on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Make a note on any of these and it immediately appears on the others.

Want to get some cheap stuff? Check out They are located in China so expect to wait a couple of weeks for your order to arrive. Shipping charges are pretty low, like $1. If you are nervous about buying from China with your credit card think about getting a Visa gift card and putting some money on it. This way if your card gets hacked you only lose whatever you put on it.

Looked at another site called getpocket. When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket. Makes it easier than bookmarking the page and ending up with hundreds of bookmarks you will never need to go back to again.

New from Google is unlimited photo storage! That is right. Backup all your photos to Google’s cloud for free. And the search capabilities are great. It looks at the meta data on your pictures and the file name you used and facial recognition and more. Want to see all the pictures you have of a horse? Type horse and any picture you have in their cloud that contains a horse comes up. Add the app to your smartphone and every time you take a picture it will sync to your cloud storage. And you can view all your cloud stored pictures on your phone!

Had a question about using Audacity to pull out an audio clip from an audio file. Went to Ninite to get the program and then opened an audio file to demonstrate.

Also demonstrated using CCleaner to clean out temporary files, remove unnecessary registry entries, backup the the registry file, and uninstall programs.

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