Thursday, June 18, 2015

Class Summary 6-18-2015

Ever use sticky notes? People either love them and use them everywhere or just don’t use them at all. Well here is a program for your computer to put sticky notes on the desktop. Use to add sticky notes to the deskop -- two versions and here is an artcile about it

This is a good article about the upcoming Windows 10 launch:

Nеvеr Losе Αnything Αgain with this neat invention:

Create a one-of-a-kind photo book today!

Took a look at using MultCloud to consolidate all our free cloud storage in one place.

MultCloud makes managing files and transferring files across clouds easy. Works like which we have looked at before.

Talked about the Xfinity Free WiFi hotspots all around town. All you need is your comcast username and password and you are in wherever there is a hot spot available. If you do not have an account I believe you can pay for one with comcast and use the hot spots. So the next time you see Xfinity listed on your phone or laptop wifi locations know that you can use it for free. To sell stuff on line. Like a garage sale online... for Free phone calls and texting with a phone number! Check with your kids to see if they have an old smartphone hanging around. You can use it to access the internet using WiFi anywhere. And with textplus you get a phone number and free phone calls and texting without ever paying a phone service to use it. All you need is a WiFi hotspot.

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