Thursday, July 2, 2015

Class Summary 7-2-2015

Our first online class was successful even if there were only 3 of us in attendance. Maybe more will join for next time. The important thing to remember is that you have to ask to be added BEFORE the day of the class. The Skype name is So go into Skype and request a connection with I will approve it and add you to the group at the beginning of the session. Then you only have to answer the call join the session.

One of the members was on a PC and we could see and talk back and forth. The other member was on an iPad and could not join the group video but he was with us audio only. Had some good discussion which I summarize below.
Wonder what that program installed on your computer is used for? Use this site to find out and maybe remove it. I know I have looked at some of those strange program names in the list of installed programs and wondered if it was safe to remove them. Now we have an easy way to check. Thanks, Donna for bringing this one up.

You asked about free TV and movies
ELI the Computer Guy -- free tech advice

“A smart person learns from his mistakes. I wise person learns from other people's mistakes.”

I found this on YouTube and wanted to pass it on. He has many worthwhile videos posted. You may find some over your head, but others might speak right to an issue you are having.
Backdoor password reset in Windows for the technical savvy user,
Boot Windows 8 without having to enter a password. When you installed Windows 8 you had to set up a Windows Live account (or so they led you to believer). Now every time you turn your PC on you have to enter a password. This little trick will let you change that so you will no longer have to enter the password.
Recover from Forgotten Windows 8 Password. Another one for the Tech Savvy.
Using a disposable email address and why. This backs you up to a talk given back in August of last year. Check it out.

Was asked why the Windows 10 reservation icon was not showing on the taskbar. To be eligible for the upgrade you have to be running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. And you have to have Windows updates set to automatic. Once all your updates have been applied to your version of Windows the flag icon will appear and you can reserve your copy of WIndows 10 for download on or after July 29th.

Also talked about the Windows 8 PC vs the Surface tablet. They appear the same but are not exactly. And the Windows 10 upgrade applies to the PC. NOthing yet on their tablet. The PC runs executables and apps while the tablet, like the cell phones, only run apps. So do not expect your surface tablet to totally replace your PC. My personal opinion is that if you are using an Android cell phone right now, get an Android tablet. They work alike and the transition to the tablet is pretty easy. YOu can pick up tablet pretty cheap. I just bought one online the other day for $34.

I was asked about adblocker and how to get it. It is not a program, it is an extension or addon to your browser--either Chrome or Firefox. The terms extension, addon, and plugin all mean the same thing just are terms used by different browsers. the adblocker is not available for IE, but is for the other two. Chrome calls it AdBlock and I believe Firefox calls it AdBlocker. Both have an icon that looks like a red stop sign with a hand in the middle.

How do I password protect a folder? In Windows you cannot password protect a file or a folder. There are third party programs that will allow you to do it. The simplest method is to zip the folder or file using a program like WinZIP to compress it. One of the options you get is to add a password to the resulting zip file. Here is a link to their help screen.

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