Thursday, July 23, 2015

Class Summary 7-23-2015

We were back on Skype for another online session. The computer I took with me to RI proved too slow for video, so I just used audio. Will be back to KY for next week and a better computer. And we may experiment with Google Hangouts instead. I will let you know.

Here is what I talked about today:
Christian Shows and Movies. First month is free. After that it is $8 a month. It is a channel on Roku as well as available on your computer.
Top rated antivirus that works with XP through 8. It can also be run from a USB flash drive.

Maintenance Programs white paper at:

Create a Restore Point white paper. Why and how to:

And here are a couple of sites to sell things on or to find things being sold by others. Not a retail site, more like online yard sales. Not auction sites.
Close5 is a new way to buy & sell locally with safety top of mind. Free to list. Free to use.
An alternative to eBay. Not an auction site.

Windows 10 coming available next week\. Remember to backup your hard drive before saying yes. Check out the white papers on how to do that at:

Installing and creating an image with Macrium Reflect

Creating a Reflect Restore Disk at a Reflect Restore Disk.pdf

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