Saturday, February 20, 2016

Class Summary 2-18-2016

Full class and lots of interest in Facebook. Only a handful were not on Facebook, so we showed how to sign up. Open and ceate an account. Be sure to write down the email address you used and the password you choose.

There is no way to remember all we talked about, but here are some of the important highlights.

A friend is someone you have requested to be your friend, like me at If I be you request that I be your friend I get to decide if I want that. So you do not have to make friends with everyone who asks. If I find you on Facebook, I can ask to be your friend and then you get to decide.

Everyone can see your page even if they are not your friends. However, the details on your page, the posts, can be set to not show unless someone is your friend. The default is Public and you would change that to Friends.

When you open Facebook, it open to your Home page. The bar across the top is used to go to your Home page, your personal page, or in the box to search for someone. The F in the ftar left and the word Home on the right will take you to your home page. Your name in the bar takes you to your personal page.

On your homepage you will see a list of links on the left to go to pages you have gone before and to groups you may belong to. A link to your personal page is at the top. The middle section displays the Newsfeed. It contains recent posts from your friends and might be quite long. Let's say you have 25 friends and they each post 10 things a day. Your newsfeed with have 250 entries just for today. The newest is first. If someone is constantly posting thing you really do not care to see, click the down arrow in the upper right of the post and unfollow that person. Unfollowing does not block them or unfriend them. It just stops their daily posts from cluttering up your newsfeed. If you want to see their posts simply open their page and view them.

When you open your page or anyone else's page the only posts appearing are ones posted by you or someone else to your page. You can set your account so if anyone is posting to your page you get to review the post before allowing it on.

All activity on your page and some activity on your friends pages is sent to your email as a notification. If you do not want to see these, then open each email and click unsubscribe. This does not affect what you see on Facebook. It just tell Facebook not to send this type of notification to you.

We looked into the system area of your profile to see how to set a number of these defaults. It is the down arrow to the right of the top bar.

We also looked at saving a picture from a facebook post and then reposting it on another page. And we reviewed using copy and paste to take from one post the copy into another.

There was much more. Come to any class and ask about the finer points you are having difficulty with.

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