Thursday, February 25, 2016

Class Summary 2-25-2016

Battery monitor for your PC is free. It reports on the condition of your laptop battery.

Free data transfer tool from Microsoft allows you to easily hook two PCs together and move files from your old machine to the new one. And it is free until the end of July.

Compress a PDF using this online service. It will take an existing PDF and compress it down to 50% or more in our tests. It also does a perfect job in our tests of converting a PDF to a Microsoft Word file. Better even than Microsoft Word itself.

ccleaner in the cloud so you do not have to install it on your computer. Free for 3 PC’s at home. The downloadable version is still available.

Ccleaner remove cookies. And empties the trash. Glary also empties the trash (recycle bin). The four programs we suggest you run often are Glary, Ccleaner, Malwarebytes, and Superantispyware. I use the free versions. If you purchase them, they run on their own and you do not have to. There is a class each month on how to run them to clean your machine.

Anti Ransomware by Malwarebytes is free (beta version) and is said to protect you from an attack from ransomware.

Backup your bookmarks might be important to you if you somehow delete them. It seems Firefox and Chrome have made allowance for that possibility and store a backup copy right on your PC.

Chrome has a new 64bit version. If you have a 64bit, the new 64bit version of chrome will make a big difference. Our club member, Paul tells us “I had the 32bit version and once I loaded the 64 bit version the speed ‘problems’ I seemed to be having with Chrome have gone away.”

Google retires Picasa. Both the web version and the desktop version are going away and soon. You may still use the desktop version, but there will be no more updates. And support for it ends next month. The web version won't go away for a couple of more month. So get your images off the web version and onto Google Photos or downloaded to your PC. Read the details at:

Facebook has new like buttons. Mouse over the Like button and in a second or two these button appear. Click the appropriate one and you can show how you like the post.


I was asked how to save someone's post on Facebook, like a recipe or some well written post I want to read later. The simplest was is to share it to your own page. But instead of sharing it with Friends or Public, share it as Only Me. This means it will display on your page, but you will be the only one to be able to see it. Note: always check the sharing option before posting as facebook remembers the last one used and will use it again. So if you shared as Only Me then your next post will be Only Me unless you change it back to Friends or Public.

We talked about how to stop email notifications in Facebook. When you get the email do not just delete it. Open the email and locate the unsubscribe link. Click it and those types of notifications will not come to your email anymore. There are a number of different types so do not be discouraged when other emails arrive. They will not be the same type as the ones you have already unsubscribed to. So just unsubscribe them as well.

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