Thursday, February 4, 2016

Class Summary 2-4-2016

The first question was about how to show the bookmark toolbar in Firefox.

Open FireFox and click the icon on the address bar line that looks like a clipboard. Then click Bookmarks Toolbar and then click View Bookmarks Toolbar. In Chrome it is
Tools > Bookmark > Show bookmark bar. The Tools button looks like this .

OneDrive comes with Windows 7-8-10. It is a folder on your hard drive. But it is a special folder when you are signed into Windows using your Microsoft credentials. If you have a local account you will not see OneDrive active. When you save a file into OneDrive and one of it’s folders, it is saved on your hard drive. However, if you are on the Internet the file is also sent up to the Microsoft cloud. You can access those file at Sign in with your Microsoft credentials and see your folders and files in the Microsoft cloud.

One member has a different gmail address then his wife, but would like to somehow sync their contact lists. There does not seem to be a way to do that in gmail. So we googled YouTube and found a solution. Check out It is free for up to 600 contacts. You can pay for more contacts.

We use the screensaver options to have our screen turn into a slideshow of our pictures. You can point to a particular folder of pictures and they will display after your screen has been idle for x minutes.

Right-click start button > Control panel > Personalization > Screensaver

Under Settings you can select the pictures. Change the wait time to the number of minutes you want the screen idle before the screensaver cuts in. The checkbox will make you sign back in when you come back to using the computer.

Change power settings > Change plan settings

Lets you set the number of idle minutes before the display turns off or the number of minutes you want to make it go to sleep. If you have a laptop you will see to sets of settings. If a desktop you will only see one set. I usually have mine set for when plugged in for a much longer time.

When in a browser you can use Ctrl + T to open a new tab. Or you can click the box to the right of the rightmost open tab,

We looked at, a tool for tracing a link. We have talked before about mousing over a link and looking in the lower left of the browser window to see where the link is going to take you. If you copy the link address and paste it into wheregoes, it will trace the path the link will take and show you the ultimate destination.

To change File Explorer so it opens the This PC window (used to be called My Computer) instead of the default.

Open File Explorer. (File folder in the taskbar or Win+E).

File > Change folder and search options

Change Open File Explorer to: select This PC, then click Apply and OK.

Demonstrated how to use to have them give .5% to your favorite charity ever time you purchase something on Amazon. This does not cost you anything, just benefits the charity.

There are two “printers” on Windows that are not really printers. The first

creates a PDF of your document and allows you to save it to your computer for later retrieval and printing. Great to use when you are away from home and from your printer. Just choose this “printer” and it will end up on your hard drive. When you get back home open the PDF and print it to your printer. The XPS file is like the PDF. It prints to an XPS file format that only Microsoft can read. The PDF format you can send to others and they can open it with Acrobat Reader or in Windows 10, Edge.

Next week we will talk about passwords and the following week we will get back to basics with Facebook.

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