Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Computer Club Class Notes 7-9-2019

WPS Office 2019You do not need Microsoft Office. This is a free and complete office suite that reads and writes in the same format as MS Office. Your dream solution for a low-budget, no-commitment, free productivity office suite. The smallest size office suite consisting of Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets. Automatically synchronize document on any device, anywhere and anytime. You can log in your account to activate the synchronization service. Any change on any of your devices will be applied on all your devices.

Look up hard disk information with PowerShell
Windows PowerShell is quite powerful when it comes to looking up hard disk information. While you may look up some information in Windows directly, e.g. in Disk Management, or by using third-party programs like Hard Disk Validator, Disk Checkup, or DiskBoss, using PowerShell is a quick and easy option as well.

Hard Drive Diagnostic Tool Crystal Disk Info
Crystal Disk is a tool to display the work hours of any connected hard drive on a Windows system. The hard drive diagnostic tool can do a lot more than that however and that is why you are reading this review.

Disable Search Indexing in Windows 10
In this article, we will see how to disable the Search Indexing feature in Windows 10. It can be useful, if you have a fast SSD drive. Search results will always be up to date, because the OS won't use the search index database. Here is how it can be done.

Open an elevated command prompt.

Type the following commands:

sc stop "WSearch"

sc config "WSearch" start= disabled


Google can delete your account when you die
Your Google account is probably the last thing you think about when making your end-of-life plans. The same likely goes for logging off your online life. But it's a good one to add to the mental list -- and it's something that's easy to take care of any time.

Easily crop, resize, and edit your images online for FREE. Images are automatically deleted after 30 minutes.

Changes coming to Google Photos and Google Drive

Photos and videos that users take using Google Photos are automatically synced to Google Drive currently, a useful option for Google customers who like to push media to their desktop devices using Google Drive. Similarly, new photos and videos added to Google Drive will show up in the Photos application as well. Starting July 10, automatic syncing will be disabled.

Enabling the internal speaker
If you have a desktop without external speakers, you may be able to use the speaker on the motherboard that gives the beeps when you turn the machine on. This article tells how that might be possible. It depends on the motherboard and whether or not there is an internal speaker.

Email STRIPPER is a free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of your emails. It will restore "forwarded" or "replied" emails back to their original state so they're easier to read.

HangoutsEach week the class is broadcast on Google Hangouts. Sign in from wherever you are by going to http://tinyurl.com/DickEvans

Belarc Advisor
Is a tool to analyze your PC giving you a list of all programs installed and the key codes to software like Microsoft Windows, MS Office, and more.

Private Browsing
No matter which browser you use, what you search and where you go is kept. Unless… Each browser has a way to browse in such a way that the information is not sent. Google Chrome calls it Incognito and you open it with Shift+Ctrl+N. In Brave it is called Private Browsing and it open with the same Shift+Ctrl+N. What you search is kept on your computer until you leave the window. Then anything about your session is gone, except for anything you may have downloaded. Edge calls it InPrivate Browsing and you access it with Shift+Ctrl+P.

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