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Computer Class Notes 4-1-2021


Next week will be on Wednesday… 4-7-2021

Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail
Save time navigating in Gmail by using keyboard shortcuts. If you’re still moving your mouse to reply to an email, you’re doing it wrong. Here are the Gmail shortcuts to save you time and wrist soreness.

Google rolls out Live Caption feature
Google has started the rollout of its Live Caption feature in the Windows desktop version of the company's Chrome web browser. Designed to generate real-time captions automatically when enabled, Chrome's Live Caption feature displays captions for audio and video content on most sites automatically.

We demonstrated it and “wow” it works great.

Have Microsoft Edge Read You Articles Aloud
Sometimes, you just don’t feel like reading. It can be an article, a Wikipedia entry, or a research paper for school. Instead of searching for a YouTube video, listen to articles using Microsoft Edge’s Read Aloud feature.

This one also...

What Is the Chrome “Reading List”
There’s so much great content being written on the internet that it’s hard to find the time to read it all. Google Chrome’s “Reading List” feature can help you save things for later, so you never miss something good.

Much better than creating a “permanent” shortcut. I know they are not really permanent, but how many have you actually gone back and removed?

Dropbox Password Manager Goes Free
Beginning in April of this year, Dropbox will give all its users, paid and free, access to the Dropbox Password Manager. You'll be able to store up to 50 passwords that you can then sync on up to three separate devices. That's a great way to get people to start using a password manager, for sure.

I still like the secret word method…

When Unsubscribe ​Doesn’t Work
It’s unfortunate, but there are definitely some “overly aggressive”, to put it mildly, companies out there. I’m not really talking about spam. We all get that, and of course, you should never try to unsubscribe from it. This is about companies — technically legitimate companies — that start abusing the privilege of sending you an email, and won’t stop when you ask politely.

Use ProtonMail to Send Secure, Encrypted Emails
ProtonMail is a secure email service that prioritizes privacy and security. You can use the service to send encrypted messages that should only be read by the intended recipient. There are a few ways to do this, depending on what security or email provider the recipient is using.

Uploading pictures from your camera or cell phone
If your camera has an SD card, eject it from the camera and place it in the SD slot on your computer. It will mount as an external disk drive. You can locate it and the images on it using File Explorer (Win+E). You will find them in a folder named DCIM.

If your camera does not have an SSD card, then all the images are in the memory of the camera. Using the charging cable for the camera, plug the USB end into a USB port on your computer. It will mount as an external disk drive. You can locate it and the images on it using File Explorer (Win+E). You will find them in a folder named DCIM.

If you have a Smartphone, using the charging cable for the phone, plug the USB end into a USB port on your computer. It will mount as an external disk drive. You can locate it and the images on it using File Explorer (Win+E). You will find them in a folder named DCIM.

Using File Explorer, drag the images to a folder on your computer. Typically you would create a new folder in the Pictures folder naming it something appropriate. If they are pictures of your recent vacation you might name it Vacation August 2017. Then locate the pictures you want to place in that folder and drag them to the new folder. (Remember the shift-click method to select multiple images) They will still be on the camera or phone when you are done.

Note: If you have an iPhone, the only images you will see in the DCIM folder are the recent ones. When your iPhone backs up to the Apple Cloud, the original goes to the cloud and a thumbnail is sent back to your phone so you can see the image on the phone’s screen. The original one is in the cloud.

A Green Screen Cheap

Find the following at Dollar Tree

Tape two Green posterboards to the trifold. Then place this behind you in some way. I hang mine from a couple of eye hooks in the ceiling. You could lean it on a chair behind you. This will cost less than $3.00

No Green Screen Needed
XSplit VCam makes cutting edge background removal and blurring possible with any webcam, without the need for expensive green screens, and complicated lighting setups.

The ideal product for people new to streaming who don't want to invest in or don't have space for green screens and expensive lighting setups. It enables the user to replace, remove, or blur the background image with any webcam.

Download and install Xsplit--takes a while as it analyzes your video.

To add a background, Click Add Background and upload an image or short video. To remove the watermark in the top left of your screen click Remove watermark and purchase a license.

When you start Zoom, XSplit takes over the video function and displays your background without the need for a green screen.

You can switch back to your regular camera by clicking the up arrow next to the Stop Video icon on the Zoom toolbar. Notice XSplit is checked. Click the other Webb Camera to turn XSplit off for this season but you will need your green screen.

Next week will be on Wednesday… 4-7-2021

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