Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Computer Class Notes 4-7-2021

Today's Class Notes

Walk Around the Globe without Leaving Your Couch
International travel hasn’t exactly been a viable option over the past year, and if you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely itching to get back out there. But, until it’s safe again, you can scratch that itch with City Walks. The site features filmed walks through metropolitan areas around the world, all without narration, letting you experience them for yourself.

Why Old Phones Don’t Work
If you find an old cell phone in a drawer somewhere, there’s a good chance it can’t connect to modern cellular networks. It won’t find a signal. By 2022 or 2023, many more old cell phones, including the iPhone 4, will be cut off. But why?

How to Make a Website into a Windows 10 App
If you access certain websites regularly, you can turn them into native Windows 10 apps. This lets you use your sites as if they were normal apps. You can use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to create these apps, and we’ll show you how.

How to Access the Clipboard Manager on a Chromebook

Copy and paste is an amazing convenience we take for granted, but it can be improved. Like many other platforms, Chrome OS has a clipboard manager. We’ll show you how to use it on your Chromebook.

How to Get a Caps Lock Key on Your Chromebook
The keyboard layout on Chromebooks is very different from other computers. There are special keys geared toward web browsing, but the biggest difference is the Caps Lock key. Rather, there isn’t one. Thankfully, you can change that.

What Is a Browser Extension?
Browsers have evolved to become much more than simple internet navigators. A big part of that evolution was the introduction of “extensions.” They let you control how websites load and behave, and they can add extra features to your browser.

Windows Out Of Box Experience (OOBE)

You may or may not remember setting up Windows 10 the first time you used it. You were walked through a process of questions and answers and options and waiting … probably lots of waiting … while Windows completed setting up your machine. It’s called the “Out Of Box Experience”, or OOBE. Turns out you can relive the experience at any time.

Universal Media Creation Tool
Universal MediaCreationTool is an open-source batch file for Microsoft Windows devices to download a Windows 10 ISO image to the system the batch file is executed on. Unlike Microsoft's Media Creation Tool, which will download the latest ISO only, it is giving the user the choice to download older Windows 10 versions. I reviewed the program back in 2020 and concluded that it offered a reliable way of downloading any Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft to the local system

Purchase Your Own Modem/Router
Depending on the Internet Provider you are using you are paying a monthly fee to rent their modem/router. You can purchase your own and save that $10-20 monthly fee.

If you have your own router then all you need is the modem. Here are some possible modems for the Comcast provider in this area. A list of approved devices can be found on their website.

Here is a link to one that says it will work on Comcast

Cut the Cable Bill
Talked about cutting the cable and reducing the size of that monthly “deal” for Internet, TV, and phone. Internet you need, but not the very high speeds they are trying to convince you into. 6 Mbps streams fine. I have 25 Mbps from Comcast. I do not have TV or satellite or phone service from my provider. How can I get local TV channels and movies? I have a $10 set of rabbit ears I bought at Wal-Mart and can pick up all the local news channels and more for free.

I have a Roku TV (I used to have a Roku box that connected to my TV’s HDMI port) and subscribe to Amazon Prime so I get free movies and TV shows both there and on Netflix. Each subscription is around $10 per month. You can also download the major networks as apps on your smartphone or tablet and watch live TV there for free.

Remember, you are not dumping your provider. You are opting out of the telephone and cable package. All you need is the internet and it does not have to be very high speed. Don’t get sold on the need for 100-150 Mbps that the cable company says you have to have. I have found that 3-5 Mbps streams. Our 4g cell phones can be used as a hotspot at about 5 Mbps.

Get a TV antenna for $10-$50 and plug it into the back of your TV. Go to settings on the TV and scan for TV channels. In this area, you will find 30 or more local channels that are free.

Add a Firestick or Roku box and you have many many movie channels and seasons of TV shows to watch. And there are music and many other channels to add for free. There is one called that gives you free TV. You can try that out for free on your computer.

Telephone Provider
There are many low-cost ways to get a “home” phone using services.

MagicJack is one way to lower your phone bills. A couple of others are Ooma and Vonage. They are VOIP or “voice-over-internet protocol” devices. All you need is an internet connection they can plug into.

For the MagicJack ( one, you can buy the device for $50 one time and pay an annual fee to have unlimited USA, Canada, and Virgin Islands calls plus all the additional features like call forwarding and caller ID.

After I bought my device which includes the first year of service, I paid $125 for five additional years. It was easy to set up. All you need is a regular phone to plug into the device instead of into the phone jack in the wall.

If you have a portable phone system just plug it into the Magicjack instead of the old connection at the back of your modem or on the wall.

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