Friday, March 11, 2016

Class Summary 3-10-2016

Before class began we took a question about Excel. How do you switch the sheet so columns become rows and the rows become columns? Select the area by dragging over all the cells. Ctrl+C to copy. Delete the cells (Del). Then on the Home ribbon select the arrow under the Paste tool and select Transpose. What was in columns are now in rows.

At the end of class a Word question arose. How do you set Word to save your work as you are creating the document so you don’t lose you work. The answer is under File (if Word 2007 the orb in the upper left) and select in the lower right Word Options. Then Save. Change the number of minutes to something that works for you, Default is 10 minutes. To be real safe, set it lower.

Firestick Jailbroken worked. Ordered one for a friend last week and plugged it in. It asked for a WiFi connection and once that was set, the Amazon Firestick main page appears. All the “normal” links that come with the stick were available, like Netflix, Amazon movies, etc. Following the one page instructions that accompanied the jailbroken version, we tapped the home key twice and another page appeared with Kodi and many options to view all kinds of live shows, movies from everywhere including movies currently in the theaters. I chose a current movie and watched it streamed at 3 mbps clear and sharp as if I had rented the DVD. Cool. And yet I believe it is illegal to watch something you should be paying for. But that is my opinion.

I was asked how to add signature to text messages. Never considered this one. I have a signature on my emails--Has my name and some links about my sites under it. Found a quick YouTube on how to do the same for a text message using autocorrect. Here is that video:

If you are running more than 1 Antivirus programs, you are probably running slow. They are fighting with each other. Now let’s be clear on what an antivirus program is and not. The maintenance programs we suggest are not antivirus programs--Glary, CCleaner, Malwarebytes, and Superantispyware. Antivirus programs run all the time protecting you from viruses (not malware or spyware) coming into your computer. Norton, McAfee, AVG, Avast, and Avira along with many others are antivirus. Your service provider may supply you with a free copy to use while you are using their services. Windows 8-10 includes Defender which is a free antivirus and the one I use on my computers. They all work fine, but the real big ones (the first three mentioned above) take a lot of resources which is fine for newer machines, but may slow down some XP or Vista ones.

Print Screen vs Windows + Print Screen. Taping the Print Screen button usually found in the upper right of the keyboard will take a picture of the entire screen and place it in the Windows Clipboard. You may paste that image into any program. In Windows 10 holding down the Windows key and then tapping Print Screen puts it in the Clipboard and saves it as a PNG file in the newly included Screenshots folder found in the Pictures folder. is a website that converts a PDF to a Word document successfully. It also converts a number of other formats to and from as well. And there is a version to download if you do not want to do this online.

Manage Snap functionality in Windows 10. The Snap function lets you drag a window to either side or into a corner to autosize it be able to work on multiple windows and see them fully.

Hot spot protection is an app for your PC to protect you from hackers while you are in a public place. Probably a good idea when accessing the internet in a hotel room.

9 Handy Uses for a Cell Phone Camera. Some were silly and we all added a number of others.

How To Customize Command Prompt. Until I saw this one I thought the CMD window had to be small character in white on a black screen taking a tiny place on my desktop. CMD is used to get to the DOS prompt to do techie things. Probably not for the not so techie persons.

Disable Skypehost.exe (Windows Skype) on Windows 10. You see, Skype comes with Windows 10 and Microsoft wants you to use it. So it always starts and is always running on your taskbar. You can right-click and tell it to Quit. But why not just stop it from running.

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