Thursday, March 24, 2016

Class Summary 3-24-2016

We took an in depth look at a Roku box and saw how it coupled with an indoor antenna can save the typical cable or dish user $2000 a year or more. One time charge of less than $100 for the box and about $50 or less for an antenna is all you need. Netflix will cost about $9 a month and with Amazon Prime you get many free movies and TV shows as well.

Find out what happened recently on your Windows PC using these free programs. Probably more for the techie types than the normal user.

I handed out a word search I made with computer terms. Some had fun working it out. Then I talked about how to build your own word search using the following free website

Sometimes it is nice to be able to shut the Internet connection off on your computer. This is especially true if you are running Windows XP as it is getting more vulnerable to attack now that many have pulled out of supporting it. Avast is the only antivirus program that is working. I have been using internetoff on my XP machine. Works nice.Give it a try.

I have been saying for awhile that it is not necessary to defrag your hard drive. This article explains why it IS a good idea.defragmenting is still a useful thing, but NEVER defrag a solid state drive (SSD) and that includes SD cards and USB flash drives. Their life will be shortened if you do.

OneTab is an extension you can add to your Chrome browser. It builds a list of the open tabs and stores them in One Tab. So instead of clicking on a tab, you click on a link that opens the tab from the OneTab tab. This greatly reduces the amount of memory assigned to Chrome and is great for slow systems with limited RAM.

White Paper on Maintenance that explains the programs I use to keep a PC running without malware, spyware, and PUPs from slowing it down.

Recovered how to search using a search engine like Google or even how to search your email.Also how to group your emails so it opens quicker by archiving older emails into groups or folders or tag. I use Yahoo so I create a folder called 2016 and store my 2016 email there leaving my inbox only containing the most recent months emails. You can also create filters to automatically send emails straight to a folder. Perhaps a folder for all emails coming in from Amazon. You would create a filter that tells your email program to take any incoming email from Amazon and place it unread in the Amazon folder.

To search our club blog for a certain topic, use the following syntax:


Replace “searchword” with what you are looking for. Site: tells the search to limit itself to things found in the website address that follows. In this case that is

Someone asked if there was a way to get a notification when an email shows up. Like the AOL “You got mail”. The answer is yes. You will find a setting to do that in your email program. It won’t say “You got mail” but it will pop up a notification in the lower right of your screen that stays for a few seconds. You can even click on the pop up and go right to the email.

Want to have a shortcut on your desktop to open a webpage? Open that web page and drag the address to your desktop. I usually point to the icon to the left of the address and drag it.

Remember the great program to convert PDF to JPG and other formats? We used it again today to convert a JPG to a PDF. Works great.

And we reviewed by using it to downloa a movie on Facebook to a PC. Can also be used to grab a Youtube movie and others.

There was more, but I cannot recall all of the subjects covered. CU next week.

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